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In general, it is very important to file your federal tax return with Form 8962 for any year you received an advanced premium tax credit. If you don't file Form 8962, the IRS will call this a failure to reconcile, and you could be prevented from applying for Marketplace premium tax credits in the future.
Form 8962 is used to estimate the amount of premium tax credit for which you're eligible if you're insured through the Health Insurance Marketplace. You need to complete Form 8962 if you wish to claim a premium tax credit on your tax return, or you received advance payments of premium tax credits during the year.
Form 8962 is available on the IRS website and is free to download.
You must file Form 8962 to compute and take the PTC on your tax return. Advance payment of the premium tax credit (APTC). APTC is a payment during the year to your insurance provider that pays for part or all of the premiums for a qualified health plan covering you or an individual in your tax family.
The purpose of Form 8962 is to allow filers to calculate their Premium Tax Credit (PTC) amount with their federal income tax return. With that amount, they're then able to reconcile that amount with any advance payments of the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) that have been made for the filer throughout the year.
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You can electronically file Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PTC), along with your federal income tax return. Filing electronically is the easiest way to file a complete and accurate tax return.
To delete a form in the Windows version of TurboTax: Change to forms mode by clicking on the paper icon Forms, in the upper right, in the blue. Then look for Form 8962 along the left, and click on it to display it on the right. There is a Delete Form button on the bottom that will delete the current form displayed.
Rather, the taxpayer who is claiming them as a dependent will include them on their Form 8962. When the taxpayer has a shared policy, the enrollment premiums, SLCSP premiums, and APTC reported on Form 1095-A need to be allocated between the taxpayer's tax return and the tax return(s) of the other individual(s).
Form 8962 is available on the IRS website and is free to download. 5 If you're filing taxes using electronic tax filing software, this form should be generated for you as you navigate through the program's questionnaire format.
What information you'll need to fill out Form 8962 Part I: annual and monthly contributions based on family size, household income, and adjusted gross income. Part II: the APTC you've received and your monthly premium information. Part III: calculations of APTC payments. Part IV: policy amount allocation.

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