Other Tax Forms for Any Occasion

The IRS utilizes Form 668-B to release a levy on a taxpayer's assets or property, a legal action taken to seize assets or property to fulfill a tax debt.
8821 form
Taxpayers use this form to authorize the disclosure of their tax information to a third-party individual or organization, such as a legal specialist or tax prepaper.
3911 form
The form, also referred to as the Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund, is used by taxpayers to request information about their federal income tax refund status or to notify the IRS of a lost, stolen, or undelivered refund check.
211 form
12508 form
IRS uses the form to obtain information from a non-requesting spouse who may be entitled to relief from paying the taxes owed on a joint tax return.
1024 form
Organizations file Form 1024 electronically to apply for recognition of their tax exemption status under section 501(a) for being described in section 501(c) (except for section 501(c)(3) or (4)) or section 501(d).
4868 form
Taxpayers submit an Application for an Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns to request additional time to file their returns.
1096 form
1096 Form is filed when submitting Forms 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, and W-2G to the Internal Revenue Service on paper.
843 forms
Taxpayers use the form to request a refund or abatement (reduction) of certain types of taxes, penalties, or interest paid to the IRS due to an error in calculating the tax liability or assessing penalties or interest.
  • 843 form
  • Instructions 843
8917 form
Eligible taxpayers use Form 8917 (the Tuition and Fees Deduction form) to claim a deduction for qualified tuition and related expenses.
911 form
The form used by taxpayers in the US to request assistance from the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS).
8546 form
Individuals who have received certain payments from the Federal government (under the Health Coverage Tax Credit, the Trade Adjustment Assistance, or the Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance programs) use the form to o request an installment agreement to pay the taxes they owe on those payments.
12277 form
Taxpayers use the form to request the withdrawal of a filed notice of a federal tax lien.
8868 form
Tax-exempt organizations use the form to request an automatic extension of time to file their annual tax return.
2553 forms
Eligible corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) use the form to elect their tax status as an S corporation and inform IRS about the election.
  • Instruction 2553
  • 2553 form
Example Attachments 1023
14157 forms
Taxpayers use the form to report inappropriate behavior by a tax return preparer or an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee.
  • 14157 form
8718 form
Organizations that qualify for federal income tax exemption must include Form 8718 along with their determination letter application to verify the payment of the applicable user fee.
2555 forms
The form can be used by eligible taxpayers to calculate the amount of foreign-earned income exclusion and housing exclusion or deduction, but the total amount excluded or deducted cannot exceed the foreign-earned income for the tax year.
  • 2555-EZ form
  • 2555 form
8633 form
8332 form
8857 form
This form is used by individuals, who filed a joint tax return with their spouse or former spouse, to request the IRS to relieve them from the obligation to pay any taxes, interest, or penalties owed due to their spouse's actions on the tax return.
9423 form
3949-A form
Individuals use this form, also known as the Information Referral form, to inform the IRS about potential tax fraud or other violations of the Internal Revenue Code.
8655 form
730 form
4506 forms
Request for a Copy of the Tax Return is used by a taxpayer to request a copy of their tax return or appoint a third party to receive one.
  • 4506T-EZ form
  • 4506-A form
  • 4506-T form
  • 4506 form
1065X form
8109-B form
The form is a payment coupon used to make federal tax deposits for various types of taxes, including employment taxes, excise taxes, and corporate income taxes.
8453-EO form
This form is used to authorize the electronic filing of certain tax returns and allow for electronic funds withdrawal to pay taxes owed.
8938 form
Complete the form to declare your interest in specified foreign financial assets provided that their total value exceeds the reporting threshold.
656 forms
Taxpayers use the form to apply for an offer in compromise (OIC) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • 656-B form
  • 656-L form
  • 656 form
2290 form
Owners of heavy highway vehicles use the form to report and pay their annual vehicle use tax to the IRs, calculated according to the weight and mileage of the vehicles.
2350 form
Form 2350 is used by U.S. citizens and resident aliens living abroad to request an extension of time to be eligible for the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign housing exclusion or deduction, if they expect to file Form 2555 or 2555-EZ.
4835 form
Individuals who own or sub-lease land but do not substantially participate in farming activities can use this form to report rental income earned from tenants based on the crops or livestock produced. This reporting is done for self-employment tax calculation.
9325 form
The IRS issues Form 9325 to employers that want to enroll in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) as a straightforward guide to help employers get started with the system.
12256 form
Submit the form if you want to cancel your request for an unpaid tax collection due process or equivalent hearing (EH).
8888 form
Taxpayers use the form to allocate their tax refund among multiple accounts or to use their refund to purchase US Savings Bonds.
FinCEN Returns
FinCEN Returns are forms that financial institutions use to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, reporting transactions involving currency, suspicious activity, designating exempt persons, and foreign bank and financial accounts to detect and prevent financial crimes.
  • FinCEN 107
  • FinCEN 109
5305-SIMPLE form
The IRS furnishes this form to employers who want to establish a SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA plan for their employees.
6765 form
Taxpayers use the form to claim the credit for increasing research activities available to those who engage in qualified research activities in the U.S.
13551 form
2848 form
Individuals and businesses use the form to authorize someone else to act on their behalf in tax matters before the IRS.
8833 form
This form is used by taxpayers to disclose their treaty-based return position as required by the Internal Revenue Code section 6114. If taxpayers are considered dual residents, they must also use this form to make disclosure as required by Regulations section 301.7701(b)-7.
Publication 915
This publication helps taxpayers understand the federal income tax regulations for social security benefits and the equivalent tier 1 railroad retirement benefits.
11379 form
5304-SIMPLE form
12509 form
Taxpayers use the form to explain why they disagree with the IRS's determination regarding relief from joint and several liability for a joint tax return under Internal Revenue Code sections 6013(e), 6015(b), 6015(c), or 6015(f).
2758 form
RP 99-38 form
14039 forms
Taxpayers use the Identity Theft Affidavit Form to have IRS mark their account to identify any suspicious or fraudulent activities.
  • 14039 form
  • 14039 (SP) form
4180 form
The primary purpose of filling out Form 4180 is to gather precise and explicit details about a person's involvement in a business and to establish whether they fulfill the requirements for responsibility, as outlined in IRM 5.7.
8862 form
Taxpayers use the form and submit it along with their tax return if any of the following credits, including the Earned Income Credit (EIC), Child Tax Credit (CTC)/Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), Credit for Other Dependents (ODC), or American Opportunity Credit (AOTC) were declined or shortened for reasons other than a math or clerical error.
12153 form
The form (a Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing) is used by taxpayers to request a hearing with the IRS Office of Appeals when the IRS has taken or to challenge the proposed collection action and present their case to an independent appeals officer.
9297 form
14414 form
8822 forms
The purpose of the Change of Address form is to inform the IRS of your current address.
  • 8822-B form
  • 8822 form
1023 form
566 (CG) form
14310 form
8283 form
872 form
Taxpayers use the form to agree to extend the time limit for the IRS to review and assess their tax liability for the following year.
3010 form
886-H-DEP form
IRS uses form 886-H-DEP in the United States to certify an individual as a dependent of a taxpayer claiming a tax credit for the care of a dependent.
8850 form
Employers use the form to check if an individual is a member of a targeted group to qualify for the work opportunity credit and to make a written request to their state workforce agency (SWA) to certify them.
14950 form
673 form
8484 form
12333 form
4598-E form
5329 form
Use the form to declare any extra taxes applicable to IRAs, other eligible retirement plans, modified endowment contracts, Coverdell ESAs, QTPs, Archer MSAs, or HSAs.
2433 form
14242 form
8734 form
9465 form
2441 forms
Use the form to determine the expenses for the business use of your home on Schedule C (Form 1040) and carry forward any amounts not deductible this year.
  • Instruction 2441
  • 2441 form
12203 form
6524 form
4562 form
Use the form to claim depreciation and amortization deductions, make a section 179 election for property expenses, and provide details on the use of listed property, like automobiles, for business or investment purposes.
8823 form
The form is used by housing credit agencies to fulfill their responsibilities under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 42(m)(1)(B)(iii) by notifying the IRS of any noncompliance with low-income housing tax credit provisions or building dispositions.
Foreign Account or Asset Statement
Schedule J (form 5471)
8863 form
Individuals use the form to claim education tax credits by reporting qualified education expenses paid for eligible students on their federal income tax return.
9209 form
4549 form
14653 form
Tax Return Transcript
8815 form
13614-C form
13615 form
3903 form
TTB F 5154.2 form
13844 form
4136 form
8582 form
The form is used by noncorporate taxpayers for two purposes: to calculate any passive activity loss (PAL) for the present tax year and to disclose any prior-year unused PALs that are being applied.
8962 form
This form aims to help individuals determine the amount of Premium Tax Credit (PTC) they are eligible for, which can be used to lower the cost of their health insurance premiums.
8889 form
Taxpayers use the form to report contributions to and distributions from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and to calculate the amount of HSA contributions deductible on their income tax return.
8965 form
Utilize this form to request an exemption from obtaining healthcare coverage.
501 form
Publication 501 provides information on tax rules that apply to individuals who may need to file a federal income tax return, including details on who must file, who should file, how to determine filing status, and the standard deduction amount.