Taxes Made Easy with Up-to-Date Tax Forms Library

Remove confusion from your IRS reporting using this comprehensive tax forms library. In this catalog, you can easily find the latest tax forms with information regarding their submission. Use the categories to easily navigate to the forms you need or go straight to the specific templates you're looking for with the help of the search bar.

Individual forms

In this section, you will find the most popular individual forms that taxpayers need to file to report their annual income. These folks include Form 1040 and its variations, Form 1040A and 1040EZ. If you want to submit your 2023 tax returns to the IRS, the deadline to do so is in mid-April of 2024. Find the form that meets your needs, review the description to ensure you have chosen the correct one, and quickly complete the form using the DocHub editor.

Information returns

Please make sure to choose a version or a schedule from W-8 form series of tax returns.

Fiduciary reporting

Use this section to keep your fiduciary reporting organized. If you are responsible for a trust or an estate that receives income, you are obligated to report and file a fiduciary income tax return. If you are unsure about the relevance of a specific form, consult its preview and description. Browse this category to access the most recent editions of fiduciary reporting templates, which you can easily fill out online or download.

Entity returns

If you are a business owner, you are required to report your entity returns to the IRS. You should complete forms based on the type of business or entity you operate: the 1041 Form applies to estates or trusts, variations of the 1065 Form apply to partnerships, and the 1120 Forms apply to corporations. Find the most recent editions of all essential entity-related tax forms, which you can fill out on the spot or download to complete.

Transfer taxes

This category of fillable tax forms will help you when you need to report the passing of a property. Whether the tax is levied at the local, state, or federal level depends on the type of property transferred from one person to another. Fill out your transfer tax forms on the spot with the help of the DocHub editing tools, or simply download the form you need to complete and print.

Employment (payroll) taxes

Form 941c is completed and filed along with a tax return (e.g., Form 941, 943, 944, or 945) to provide background information and certifications for prior period adjustments to income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes, regardless of whether the original return was filed electronically or on magnetic media.

State Tax Forms

If you are required to complete and report your returns in a specific state, you can easily find a variety of state tax forms for any occasion. DocHub tax forms library has all the latest editions of state-specific forms to ensure it is easy to report and submit your returns. Once you find the appropriate template, you can fill it out with the DocHub PDF editing tools or download the document onto your device.

Other Tax Forms

The IRS utilizes Form 668-B to release a levy on a taxpayer's assets or property, a legal action taken to seize assets or property to fulfill a tax debt.