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abc educational channel today our lesson is about likes and dislike do you like cheese yes i do i like cheese do you like broccoli no i dont like broccoli [Music] do you like drinking milk yes i do i like drinking milk do you like swimming in the sea no i dont like [Music] do you like playing football yes i do i like playing football do you like going on a roller coaster yes i do do you like eating frog [Music] no i dont like [Music] do you like salad [Music] yes i do i like salad [Music] do you like eating carrots no i dont [Music] do you like watching tv yes i do i like watching tv do you like noodles yes i do [Music] do you like eating pizza no i dont [Music] do you like reading books yes i do i like reading books [Music] do you like playing basketball no i dont thanks for watching [Music] please subscribe to my youtube channel

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Understanding these things helps you to know what you want to move toward in life and what you want to stay away from. Knowing your likes and dislikes can guide your career choices, where you live, your hobbies, and what kind of people you surround yourself with.
Being able to identify their interests can help us to learn what their strengths are. In doing so, we can help develop their self-awareness and self-esteem in a healthy and natural way. Additionally, discovering your childs interests can help prepare them for school and extracurricular activities.
Its important to take a childs likes and dislikes into consideration in order to facilitate their learning. If a child is interested in a something or likes to a certain activity its important to offer it to them to enable the child to progress in their learning and understanding.
They help us to know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the site.
Furthermore, dislikes are often used as a way not to stand apart but to fit in. It means learning the unspoken rules of whats OK to like or dislike, and to proclaim those likes or dislikes loudly for others to hear.
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Ans : Our likes and dislikes are influenced by the following factors :- a)Our sense organs. b) Regional influence. c) Family and friends .
Be a role model - Kids learn about feelings and how to express them appropriately by watching others. Show your child how youre feeling about different situations and how you deal with those feelings. Encourage with praise - Praise your child when they talk about their feelings or express them in an appropriate way.
What are your likes and dislikes? Were constantly talking about things we do and dont like. In fact, finding out what a person likes or doesnt like helps us to get to know him (or her) better. Or imagine if someone wants to find out what are your hobbies or tastes.
In order to gather information about your childs interests, you should observe your child throughout the day in as many activities as possible. You can write down your childs interests on a list, or fill out a checklist, such as the Child Interests Activity Checklist[4] developed by researchers at the CECLL.
Examples of likes and dislikes : Im mad about basketball, but I cant bear ice hockey. I adore reading poetry, but I loathe doing the housework.

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