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this course is going to call cause number 50576 this is in the 88th District Court of Hardin County Texas and its in the interest of Jocelyn and Riley Carter did I say that name right Jocelyn jessalyn jazzalyn okay um Miss Jessica Taylor Carter now and Mr Daniel Carter please raise your right hands you saw on the square of the testimony youre about to give is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth yes sir put your hands down thank you all right Miss Brown Zito this appears to be a most confirmed that you filed back in July of 2022 yes your honor you have any other Witnesses beside the parties no your honor all right your case has been called you call your first witness you know at this time I would call Miss Jessica Taylor uh Carter yes maam please state your name Jessica Carter and you were previously Jessica Taylor is that correct yes maam and we we filed this to uh take a judgment as to the arrears on the on the case is that correct yes maam were were here today

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In Wisconsin, divorcing spouses have a significant amount of leeway to negotiate most aspects of their separation. However, the calculation of child support is one major exception to this general rule.
In Wisconsin, county child support agencies have the authority to forgive interest on state-owed child support debts. In addition, child support agencies may request permission from the Bureau of Child Support (BCS) to forgive principal owed to the state, on a case-by-case basis.
How to Win a Child Support Modification Case 1 Take advantage of the rights you already have. 2 Reach out to your ex-partner if you think they'll be amicable. 3 Solicit free legal help if you can't hire an attorney. 4 Do it on your own only if you can't get help. 5 Determine what has changed to justify a modification.
Filing for Child Custody & Placement in WI: 3 Steps By negotiating a settlement with the other parent on your own or through lawyers. By using an alternative dispute resolution method to reach settlement. By going through the court process and letting a judge decide the issues in trial.
Things like a medical condition, a special needs child, a job loss, or a move can all represent a substantial change of circumstances. A recent case before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals looks at whether a voluntary job change can also be a change of circumstances justifying a modification of spousal maintenance.
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Wisconsin child support is intended for the child's benefit, though it is paid to a parent. Therefore, Wisconsin law does not allow parents to waive support on the child's behalf. Even if the parents agree, a permanent waiver is not permitted.
Past due child support payments (also known as arrears) are also enforceable for up to 20 years after the child turns 18 years old. Check out our easy-to-use Wisconsin child support calculator for an estimate of how much your monthly child support obligation will be.
Only a court can change a child support order. Options to modify an order for support are as follows: If both parents can agree to a new payment amount, they may file a Stipulation and Order to Amend Judgment form with the local County Clerk of Court's office. There is no filing fee for this type of request.
In Wisconsin, both parents of a child must support the child financially. Generally, a court will assign payment obligations to the parents, based on what is reasonable.
How Far Can You Move If You Have Joint Custody in Wisconsin? Wisconsin does not allow custodial parents to move the children away from the other parent by over 100 miles. Approval to move the child further than this distance requires court approval.

who gets the interest on child support arrears in wisconsin