Find Your Fillable Templates for Information Returns

Please make sure to choose a version or a schedule from W-8 form series of tax returns.
433-A form
The 433-A (Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals) Form is used by IRS to collect detailed financial information about the taxpayer's ability to pay and to develop a realistic payment plan to pay off the unpaid debt.
433-B form
W-9 form
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is used to supply third parties with information that can be used to identify a taxpayer.
1099 forms
The IRS 1099 Form series is a set of tax forms recording various income types, excluding wages, salaries, and tips.
  • 1099-MISC form
  • 1099-INT form
  • 1099-PATR form
  • 1099-R form
W-2 forms
Employers file Wage and Tax Statements to report wages and other types of compensation paid to employees and withheld income taxes.
  • W-2 form
  • W-2VI form
  • W-2G form
  • W-2GU form
W-3 forms
The Form W-3 serves to total up all information provided in W-2 forms.
  • W-3SS
  • W-3PR Instruction
  • W-3C
  • W-3PR
1098 forms
Taxpayers use the 1098 Form(s) to report specific contributions and other expenses, subject to deduction, to the IRS, such as tuition statements, mortgage interest payments, student loans, etc.
  • 1098-C form
  • 1098 form
  • 1098-T form
  • 1098-E form
8809 form
Taxpayers use Form 8809 to request an extension of time to file certain information returns by the original due date of the information return.
W-8 forms
Foreign individuals and entities use the forms to certify their foreign status for tax purposes and claim any applicable tax treaty benefits with the IRS.
  • W-8BEN
  • W-8ECI
  • W-8BEN Substitute Form
W-7 form
4972 form
The form is used to calculate the tax owed on a qualified lump-sum distribution, and it allows taxpayers to choose between the 20% capital gain election, the 10-year tax option, or both to determine the amount of tax owed.
3520 Form
U.S. individuals and estate executors submit form 3520 to report transactions with foreign trusts, ownership of foreign trusts according to IRS code sections 671-679, and receiving significant gifts or inheritances from specific foreign individuals or entities.
  • 3520
  • 3520-A
W-12 form
The form is used by paid tax return preparers to apply for or renew their PTIN (Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number), a unique identifier assigned to tax specialists by the IRS.
5471 forms
Certain U.S. citizens and residents, who serve as officers, directors, or shareholders in certain foreign corporations, file the form and associated schedules to meet the reporting requirements stipulated in sections 6038 and 6046.
  • 5471 form
  • Schedule J (5471)
8027 form
Form 8027 is used by ample food or beverage employers to report annual receipts and tips to the IRS and determine their tipped employees' allocated tips.
8805 form
The form serves to display the amount of taxable income that is related to activities in the U.S. and the total tax credit that a foreign partner is entitled to for the partnership's tax year.
5498 forms
The form is used by custodians or trustees of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to report contributions, rollovers, conversions, and the account's fair market value (FMV) to the IRS and the account holder.
  • 5498-ESA form
  • 5498-SA form
  • 5498 form
433-D form
Taxpayers use the form to request a monthly installment payment plan with the IRS for back taxes.
W-4 forms
Employees fill out the W-4 Form to report to employers how much tax needs to be withheld from their wages.
  • W-4V
  • W-4P
  • W-4 form
433-F form
The IRS uses 433-F (Collection Information Statement) form to gather basic information about a taxpayer's financial situation to determine how they can pay off an unpaid tax debt.
4852 form
Taxpayers can use the form as a substitute to report the wages or income received if they don't receive Form W-2 or Form 1099-R or if these forms are issued incorrectly by the employer or payer.
433-A (OIC)
8300 form
8858 form
5472 form
4419 form
1095 forms
The Form 1095 series is a set of tax forms used to report an individual's health care insurance coverage.
  • 1095-C form
  • 1095-A form
  • 1095-B form
1094-C form
The form is used to transmit Form 1095-C, which provides information about the health insurance coverage offered to employees.
8949 form
Taxpayers use the form to actively report and figure out the gain or loss from the sale or exchange of their capital assets to the IRS for tax purposes.