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Filing an agreement is very straightforward: Make a copy of your signed agreement. Fill out a Request to File an Agreement (Form 26) Take the copy of the agreement and the form to the Family Court registry at the courthouse. The registry clerk will check your agreement and stamp it with the court seal.
No law requires a separating couple to execute a separation agreement; however it is a wise idea if there are debts, children, support claims or property involved and the parties want to settle these matters in writing.
10 Things You Must Know Before Separating From Your Husband Ground rules are important. Be gentle while retaining good boundaries. Relief is a normal reaction. There are a lot of practical considerations. Alone time can be both good and bad. Youll be glad for your support network. Separation doesnt have to be the end.
The 9 Silent Signs of Separation Checklist Youre Actively Avoiding Your Partner. They Dont Act Like Your Partner. You Dont Trust or Respect Your Partner. Youve Tried and Tried and Tried But Nothing Changes. Youre Worried About What Others Might Think. Youre Staying Together For the Kids. Its Cheaper to Stay Together.
Who can prepare a separation agreement? Although it is possible for spouses to prepare their own separation agreement, most are prepared and negotiated by lawyers. The rights and obligations in separation agreements are very important and each spouse should be certain of his or her legal rights before signing.

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It is best to have your own attorney prepare it for you. A separation agreement is not valid in North Carolina unless both parties have signed, and their signatures are docHubd. Never try to prepare such a complex and important document yourself.
Under the BC Family Law Act, separation agreements must at a minimum: Be in writing; Signed by both spouses; and. Be witnessed (in some cases, courts have said spouses can witness each others signatures).
Marriage Separation Advice: 7 Tips for a Healthy Process Treat your co-parent as you would treat a business partner. Dont make any docHub changes. Discuss the various options for pathways to an amicable divorce. Choose your family mediator and/or lawyer. See a counselor and/or doctor. Wait to start a new relationship.
There are two options for fees for the Uncontested Separation Agreement. The first is a one-time flat fee of $750.00. The second option is to sign a contract for hourly billing where you pay the attorneys hourly rate. There is no maximum or minimum fee; you pay for the number of hours spent on your case.
Anyone can draft their own separation agreement and as long as it includes certain information, is signed by both spouses and witnessed it is legally binding.

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