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Checklists. A checklist helps to clarify inspection responsibilities, controls inspection activities and provides a report of inspection activities. Checklists help with on-the-spot recording of findings and comments but be careful.
The following items should be checked periodically: Engine oil level. Transmission fluid. Brake fluid. Power steering fluid. Coolant (Antifreeze) level. Battery. Windshield washer solvent. Belts & Hoses.
6 Things to Check Before Starting Your Car CHECK THE BATTERY. Oddly enough, vehicles consume energy even when they are completely off. ... CHECK TIRE PRESSURE. ... MAINTENANCE OF YOUR FUEL TANK. ... CHECK THE FLUIDS: ENGINE OIL, COOLANT, AND BRAKE FLUID. ... CAR WASHING. ... SANITIZE YOUR CAR.
How to prepare a Quality Checklist Template Start with inspection checklist templates. Customize checklists for your project and scope of work. Prepare project-specific checklists "just-in-time" Keep checklists short and focused. Organize checklists the way you will inspect. Refine your checklists continuously.
Parts of the vehicle to include in your vehicles checklist Tires. The usual inspections for tires involve tread, tire wear, and pressure. ... Tire tread. ... Batteries. ... Steering and suspension. ... Safety lights. ... Windshield wipers. ... Fluid levels. ... Other parts to check are:
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The 8 Most Important Car Maintenance Services Teen Drivers and First-Time Drivers Need To Know Check & Replace Your Wiper Blades. ... Change Your Oil Regularly. ... Rotate Your Tires & Check Air Pressure. ... Check Your Battery's Charge. ... Replace Worn-Down Brake Pads. ... Replace Your Air Filter. ... Check Hoses & Belts. ... Replace Old Spark Plugs.
Take the time to make sure these 10 things on your vehicle are checked regularly and in good shape to avoid a potential collision or claim: The oil. ... The tire pressure. ... The brakes. ... The power steering fluid. ... Wheel alignment. ... The antifreeze or coolant. ... The tire treads. ... The air filter.
The Six Point Vehicle Check: The Overview oil check. tire check. antifreeze check. brake check. tire check. wiper blades.
What should be included on the checklist? Environment. dust, gases, fumes, sprays, lighting, noise, ventilation. Buildings. windows, doors, floors, stairs, roofs, walls, elevators. Containers. ... Electrical. ... Fire protection equipment. ... Hand tools. ... Hazardous products. ... Materials handling.

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