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Automotive antifreeze is blue and highly toxic. It can be easier to pump it backwards through a faucet spout using a backflow kit with a hand pump, but it is totally acceptable to pour the antifreeze directly into the fresh tank and use the RV's water pump to pump it throughout the system as well.
Before you start the process of de-winterizing your RV, it's best to wait until the last snowstorm of the year has passed. Mid to late April is generally a safe bet and it's just in time for a May long weekend trip!
Instructions Turn on Any Electrical Circuits That Have Been Shut Off. ... Connect All Water Supply Tubes and Pipes. ... Turn on the Main Water Supply. ... Open the Water Heater, Boiler, and Water Softener Water Valves. ... Turn on Plumbing Fixtures, One at a Time. ... Check Exterior Hose Spigot Faucets. ... Double-Check All Plumbing Fixtures.
To de-winterize your house means you're getting your plumbing back in shape for everyday use. It's a pretty simple process that basically involves reversing what you did in the fall to winterize your plumbing.
If your RV does not come equipped with a water heater bypass, it is recommended that you one so you do not have to fill the water heater with antifreeze. Depending on the size of your RV and how it is equipped, most people will need 1 3 gallons of RV non-toxic anti-freeze.
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How to Dewinterize Your RV Check Your Tires. ... Inspect the Exterior. ... Charge and Reinstall Your Batteries. ... Flush Your Water System. ... Sanitize Your Water System. ... Check for Leaky Pipes. ... Replace Propane Tanks. ... Check Propane Appliances.
Simply sprinkle baking soda directly into each drain or dissolve it in water and pour it down the drains. Flush the system again until the water tastes clean. Instead of using your RV water pump to flush antifreeze from your camper's water system, you can also use a garden hose or city water supply.
Once temperatures get above freezing, anti-freeze is no longer necessary, so you'll need to de-winterize your RV plumbing. Beyond removing antifreeze from your RV's plumbing, the de-winterizing process should include checks and inspections of several exterior and interior systems.
Non-toxic RV antifreeze (The amount depends on the layout and length of your plumbing lines. Two to three gallons will normally do).
Simple Steps to Winterize your RV Gather materials. ... Remove water filters. ... Drain and flush black and gray tanks. ... Drain the water heater tank. ... Open all faucets and remove all drain plugs. ... Close all faucets and replace drain plugs once water has drained entirely. ... Bypass the hot water heater.

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