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0:47 2:06 What is a Form DS 326 at the California DMV - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip Form it covers a wide range of medical things from epilepsy diabetes lapses of consciousness.MoreForm it covers a wide range of medical things from epilepsy diabetes lapses of consciousness. General medicine. So it's a very broad form that addresses a lot of topics.
Common health conditions that can affect your driving Epilepsy. ... Blackouts, fainting, loss of consciousness. ... Diabetes. ... Neurological conditions. ... Heart or circulatory conditions. ... Visual impairments. ... Cancer. ... Déjà vu.
Under California law, doctors are required to report anyone to the DMV who suffers from any medical or mental condition that may impact his/her ability to drive safely. Note that doctors themselves cannot directly revoke a driver's license.
In order to anonymously report someone for driving without a license in California, you can call the 800-78-CRIME tip hotline. You could also contact the police.
You can notify the California Highway Patrol of reckless driving incidents that are currently happening by calling 911. If the incident has already happened, you can call the non-emergency number at 800-TELLCHP.

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The driver would not receive a citation unless an officer witnessed the incident. When you report a driver to the DMV, they may make the driver take a new driving test. If the DMV decides they do not have the proper skills to be on the road, they could suspend the driver's license.
0:05 2:06 What is a Form DS 326 at the California DMV - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip It's also known as a driver. Medical evaluation.MoreIt's also known as a driver. Medical evaluation.
Confidentiality: patients' fitness to drive and reporting concerns to the DVLA or DVA. If a patient has a condition that could affect their fitness to drive, it's their duty to report it. But as their doctor you have responsibilities as well.
A Priority Reexamination (also called a \u201cpriority reex\u201d) is the immediateevaluation of an individual by a DMV Driver Safety hearing officer. A Request for Priority Reexamination starts with a report from a peace officer who has observed your driving and believes you are an unsafe driver.
If you know someone who may no longer drive safely, you may submit a Request for Driver Reexamination (DS 699) to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to review their driving qualifications. A sample of the DS 699 is provided for your convenience.

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