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Landlords in Oregon can keep all or a portion of a tenants security deposit for unpaid rent, damage in excess of normal wear and tear, and other bdocHubes of a lease agreement. Rental agreements must specifically state which deductions can be taken from a security deposit.
Oregon law defines normal wear and tear as any deterioration resulting from normal use. This doesnt include any damage that might have occurred due to an accident, carelessness, negligence, or abuse.
Security deposit basics Security deposits protect the landlord if the tenant fails to pay the rent or causes damage to the rental premises beyond ordinary wear and tear. Your landlord cannot charge you for normal wear and tear.
When can my landlord withhold my deposit? Unpaid rent. Paying rent on time is key to being a good tenant and maintaining a positive relationship with your landlord. Cleaning costs. Damage to the property. Pet damage. Lost or broken items. Neglect. Redecoration. Fair wear and tear.
A landlord is not required to repair damages in order to make a claim against a deposit. Labor cost for cleaning and repairs must be based on a reasonable hourly rate. The landlord can perform the work and charge a reasonable hourly rate.

People also ask

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Type your letter. Concisely review the main facts. Be polite. Write with your goal in mind. Ask for exactly what you want. Set a deadline. End the letter by stating you will promptly pursue legal remedies if the other party does not meet your demand. Make and keep copies.
In Virginia, landlords are not allowed to charge a cleaning fee unless it is specified in the lease agreement. Landlords may charge a cleaning fee if the cleaning goes above-and-beyond normal usage resulting in the landlord suffering a loss due to the tenants non-compliance.
Landlords are legally able to deduct from the security deposit in order to turn the property back into move-in-ready condition, as long as they are not charging the renter for conditions related to normal wear and tear. Renters are typically responsible for damage that is out of the ordinary.
Dear [Landlords Name], I am writing to request that you return my security deposit in the amount of $. I vacated my rental unit at [rental address] on [move out date] and left it in excellent condition, which you acknowledged on our final walkthrough.
Damage caused by the tenants negligence or carelessness isnt the landlords responsibility. Examples of damage that a Florida landlord has a right to deduct from the tenants security deposit include: Damaged electrical appliances by careless usage. Broken bed frames, tables, curtain frames, chairs, and so on.

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