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According to Campbell, there are three main stages, which consist of several steps: the Departure (or Separation), the Initiation, and the Return.
The monomyth featuring three of your favorite franchises! The Hero's Journey Begins. Call to Action. The Hero Hesitates. Refusal of Call. ... The Hero Receives Assistance. Supernatural Aid. ... The Hero Commits. Crossing The Threshold. ... The Hero is Challenged. Belly of the Whale. ... The Hero is Tested. ... The Great Advisor. ... The Hero is Torn.
The Hero's Journey is a myth based framework. Incredibly flexible, it has three main parts-- the separation, where the hero sets out on his journey, seeking (possibly reluctantly) adventure. Secondly, the initiation, where the majority of the journey happens-- the hero arrives. Finally is the return.
What Is the Hero's Journey? 3.1 The Ordinary World: 3.2 The Call to Adventure and Refusing the Call: 3.3 Overcoming Resistance and Meeting the Mentor: 3.4 Crossing the First Threshold: 3.5 Tests and Trials: 3.6 The Major Ordeal: 3.7 The Road Back: 3.8 Mastering the Journey:
The Steps of the Hero's Journey The Ordinary World. ... The Call to Adventure. ... The Refusal of the Call. ... Meeting with the Mentor. ... Crossing the Threshold. ... Tests, Allies, and Enemies. ... Approach to the Innermost Cave. ... The Supreme Ordeal.
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The Monomyth is a term coined by Joseph Campbell. Commonly referred to as "The Hero's Journey," it examines the stages of the hero who goes on an adventure, faces a crisis and wins, then returns victorious.
The Hero's Journey was his all-embracing metaphor for the deep inner journey of transformation that heroes in every time and place seem to share, a path that leads them through great movements of separation, descent, ordeal, and return.
The concept of the hero's journey was introduced in a book called The Hero With A Thousand Faces, published in 1949 by American professor, Joseph Campbell.
All stories consist of common structural elements of Stages found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies. These twelve Stages compose the Hero's Journey.
The Hero's Journey In Literature: Two Case Studies The ordinary world. Frodo lives in the Shire, enjoying a nice, peaceful life with his friends. The call to adventure. ... Refusal of the call. ... The mentor. ... Crossing the threshold. ... The ordeal. ... The return.

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