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Everyone must evacuate the building by way of the safest and closest exit and/or stairway. Never use an elevator to exit during a fire alarm activation. Once outside the building, move away from the building. Assemble across the street or along the sidewalk of the adjacent building.
Check the fire alarm panel to find where the alarm has activated \u2013 it's vital that you have a full zone or detector plan displayed immediately adjacent to the panel. Have another member of staff at the alarm panel and remain in contact (mobile phone or short range radios are ideal for this purpose).
The control panel shows these readings on its display panel. When a fire starts, the smoke or heat will activate one of the initiating devices, or someone will activate the manual pull station, alerting the fire alarm system to the fire and putting it in alarm mode.
An alarm panel responds to a triggered alarm by activating physical alarms such as a siren and/or strobe lights. These devices are used to scare an intruder away from your premises or alert you of a threatening situation such as a fire or the presence of carbon monoxide.
In automated systems, the presence of smoke in the building will be picked up on by designated smoke detectors. Then, these smoke detectors will, in turn, trigger the fire alarms situated throughout the buildings.
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Alarm Activation means an alarm system has transmitted an alarm signal to an alarm company or alarm user.
First, you want to check your smoke alarms to determine if they are monitored or not. The best way is to ask your alarm company. They will be able to tell you immediately. If you have smoke alarms that are older than 3 years, you may want to consider replacing them.
0:02 1:15 How to use the Manual Call Point (MCP) - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip The operation of the manual call point will only activate the alarm locally to notify the building'sMoreThe operation of the manual call point will only activate the alarm locally to notify the building's occupants in the event of a fire break the clear plastic front panel and the alarm.
Alarm Activation Report means a designated form issued by the State Fire Marshal for use by the Fire Chief indicating the alarm signal was found to be the result of a false alarm.
Ionization smoke detection employs the use of ions and electrons that whizz around electrodes. When smoke enters the ionization chamber, it sticks to the ions, which disrupts the chemistry and activates the alarm.

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