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Get an ultrasound The first thing you should do after a positive pregnancy test is to schedule an ultrasound. This will confirm the pregnancy in case the pregnancy test produced a false positive. If you are pregnant, it will also reveal important information about the pregnancy.
With some home pregnancy tests, one line means the test is negative and you're not pregnant, and two lines mean the test is positive and you are pregnant. A faint positive line in the results window, on the other hand, can leave you scratching your head.
There are 2 types of pregnancy tests urine and blood tests. Pregnancy tests find the presence of human hormone (HCG). This is a hormone made by the placenta about 10 days after fertilization. You may also get a sonogram, also referred to as an ultrasound.
Urine tests Doctors can perform urine pregnancy tests (UPT) in their office and is usually the first step in diagnosing a pregnancy. After the urine testing, the doctor can perform even more pregnancy tests such as a blood test and sonogram.
A test will only show a false positive if you have hCG in your system for another reason such as you were recently pregnant, are taking fertility medications containing hCG, or if you have a medical condition, like some rare ovarian cysts.

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Easily edit and fill out pictures of positive pregnancy test papers online using these easy steps

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The most common time to have a first appointment is around eight weeks gestation or about a month after that first missed period and positive pregnancy test.
This is known as a false-positive. A false-positive might happen if you had a pregnancy loss soon after the fertilized egg attached to your uterine lining (biochemical pregnancy) or you take a pregnancy test too soon after taking a fertility drug that contains HCG .
We're here to help with all your next steps to take when you find out you're pregnant. Tell someone (if you want to) ... Choose a healthcare professional. ... Schedule your first prenatal appointment. ... Start taking prenatal vitamins. ... Discuss medications with your doctor. ... Make a work plan. ... Cut out alcohol and substance use.
You can also get a pregnancy test from your nurse or doctor, community clinic, or local Planned Parenthood Health Center. Most health centers use the same urine pregnancy tests that you can buy in stores. Sometimes they use a blood test to test for pregnancy, but that's usually only under special circumstances.
How much does a pregnancy test cost? Pregnancy test costs depend on the type of test performed and where you purchase it. Home pregnancy tests generally run anywhere from $8 to $15. A test from a licensed medical provider may cost a bit more, but it can also be more accurate.

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