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The last party to receive the acceptance of the offer/counter offer is the one who binds the agreement.
Counting Calendar Days for Contingencies day 17 is 6/19/18). Weekends and holidays are included in the counting.
How does earnest money encourage the buyer not to breach the agreement of sale? If the buyer breaches the contract, the state will confiscate the earnest money. If the buyer breaches the contract, the seller may remedy the breach by keeping the earnest money, as well as the property.
A contingency clause often states that your offer to buy property is contingent upon X,Y, & Z. For example, the contingency clause may state, \u201cThe buyer's obligation to purchase the real property is contingent upon the property appraising for a price at or above the contract purchase price.\u201d
In most cases, earnest money is delivered when the sales contract or purchase agreement is signed, but it can also be attached to the offer. Once deposited, the funds are typically held in an escrow account until closing, at which time the deposit is applied to the buyer's down payment and closing costs.

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Therefore, the inspection date deadline rolls over if it ends on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. Furthermore, the contract defines \u201cday\u201d as ending at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise specified.
If a property has a mandatory homeowners association, the contract stipulated how many days the seller has to deliver HOA documents to the buyer. These are calendar days as well, not business days.
RULE No. Everyday must be counted regardless if it's a weekday, weekend, or holiday. There are two exceptions here. The escrow deposit is the first exception and allows for three \u201cbusiness\u201d days. The second exception is when the last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.
Earnest money can protect a home buyer if something is wrong with a property, and also the seller if you simply want out of the deal. Going the extra mile with a Verified Approval or an earnest money deposit can also prove to a seller that you're serious about your offer, making your offer stand out from other buyers.
A contract must be signed by both parties involved in the purchase and sale of a property to be legally enforceable. All parties signing must be of legal age and must enter into the contract voluntarily, not by force, to be enforceable.

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