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Jess is very disappointed because the final game of the season will be on the same day as her sister's wedding. At the wedding Jess is very unhappy. Her father sees this, and allows Jess to play in the match. During the game, an American scout is watching Jess and Jules play.
For those who aren't familiar (and if so, you're seriously missing out), Bend It Like Beckham follows Jess, an 18-year-old Indo-Brit who is torn between her love of football and pleasing her somewhat strict (but always incredible and hilarious) parents.
The British film Bend It Like Beckham (2002) is pedagogically useful in the cultural geography classroom for engaging students with core concepts, such as ethnicity, migration, acculturation, and assimilation, and with more advanced modes of analysis, such as the social construction of identity.
The advice given by the board is that it earned its 12A for \u201cmoderate language and sexual references\u201d, although it seemed really quite tame. The film has a core of steel of course, and under the cloak of mainstream, Chadha fashions a film that has much to say whilst thoroughly entertaining it audience.
Overall comments and recommendations Children under 8Not recommended under 8Children aged 8-12Parental guidance recommended due to themesChildren 13 and overOK for this age group
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Jess lives with her parents and her sister Pinky in a suburban home in Hounslow, which is located right underneath the flight path of loud planes. Her father works at the nearby Heathrow airport, and her mother just wants her to grow up to be a good Indian housewife for her future husband. Profession\u2026
For its German release, the film changed its name to "Kick It Like Beckham" to avoid any confusion about what "bending" meant. Bending is a signature skill of Beckham's where he can kick the ball so it curves around obstacles and is harder for a goalie to track.
Bending the ball is a technique practiced by all soccer players who seek to develop comprehensive ball skills. The "bend" is soccer jargon for the curve of the ball as it travels through the air on a free kick.
In 2002, the Broncos had 13 California natives on a roster of 23, and all the other players were from the U.S. In Reel Life: Jess bends the ball like Beckham, around a clothesline in her backyard. In Real Life: Nagra didn't have to do this scene -- she could have used a double.
The Sikh faith of Bend It Like Beckham's Bhamra family is at once manifest and taken for granted. In the film, none of the characters identify themselves as Sikh. Indeed, there is no need for them to do so because the religious tradition is part of their everyday experience.

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