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Couples in which one or both spouses are age 65 or older also get bigger standard deductions than younger taxpayers. If only one spouse is 65 or older, the extra amount for 2021 is $1,350 \u2013 $2,700 if both spouses are 65 or older ($1,400 and $2,800, respectively, for 2022). Be sure to take advantage of your age!
Tax Penalties Charged There is a 10% one-time penalty for paying business taxes late. The state also charges interest at a rate of 1.25% per month on both personal and business taxes. If you owe over $1,000 and underpay your estimated taxes, the interest rate is 20% per year. That is 1.667% per month.
2. OTC Postal Information: a. PO Box 26860 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0860 b. A courier will pick up the PO Box 26860 mail at various times each day of the week including weekends.
Here are some other places you might find the amount of last year's state/local refund: Last year's state tax return. Your bank statement showing your entire state/locality refund. Your state tax agency (for state refunds) or municipality (for local refunds)
The Oklahoma resident, filing a joint federal return with a nonresident civilian spouse, may file an Oklahoma return as married filing separate. The resident will file on Form 511 using the married filing separate rates and reporting only his/her income and deductions.
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The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) increased the standard deduction (set at $12,950 for single filers and $25,900 for joint filers in 2022) while suspending the personal exemption by reducing it to $0 through 2025.
The Oklahoma Tax Commission now sends out a debit card to those who don't choose the direct deposit option for their refund, but the problem comes when people try to use them. Our 7news Facebook page attracted several viewer complaints about them.
2022 Standard Deduction Amounts Filing Status2022 Standard DeductionSingle; Married Filing Separately$12,950Married Filing Jointly; Surviving Spouse$25,900Head of Household$19,400 Apr 28, 2022
To make a payment online, visit and click on the \u201cMake a Payment\u201d link. If the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) of the IRS provides for a later due date, your payment may be made by the later due date and will be considered timely.
Standard Deduction For the 2021 tax year, the standard deductions are: Single or married filing separately: $6,350. Head of household: $9,350. Married filing jointly or Qualifying widower: $12,700.

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