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During the test, the physician will test a number of elements of your physical strength necessary to perform your job, including the following: Pulling, pushing, lifting, and carrying materials. Squatting, walking, kneeling, reaching, standing, balancing, crawling, bending, sitting.
Evaluation Analysis In comparison, a functional fitness evaluation is a risk mitigation tool designed to ensure that the employee is physically able to perform the required duties of the position without undue risk of being injured at the workplace.
The stress component of the stress test evaluates your functional capacity. Functional capacity simply means how much vigorous physical activity your heart can tolerate.
The examiner will conduct a variety of tests that are designed to measure your balance, level of fatigue, physical strength, ability to tolerate sitting and standing, range of motion, ability to walk, ability to lift and carry, and your ability to perform both fine and gross motor skills.
A Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation is a specific Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) that assesses the functional impairment of a client's memory, attention, planning, problem solving, learning, impulsivity and tolerance for multiple demands.
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It involves a series of tests, practices, and observations that evaluate different aspects of your physical function. The final report can help demonstrate the aggregate impact of your symptoms on your ability to perform essential work duties.
A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE), or Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), provides important and objective information about a claimant's ability or inability to return to work or daily activities. They are typically requested to guide a decision pertaining to an individual's functional status.
First, all FCEs are performed by trained physicians, physical therapists, or chiropractors, depending on your previous injury and claim. These trained medical professionals use their experience in biomechanics to evaluate your movement patterns, such as your ability to walk, bend, and lift and carry objects.
Once an FCE has been ordered, it usually means you are coming to an end of your treatment and the doctor is ready to send you back to work, with or without, restrictions depending on the FCE report. It's in your best interest to try to complete each test to the best of your ability.
FCEs are often administered as return-to-work evaluations after an injury (usually as part of worker's compensation claims) and as pre-employment screenings. These evaluations are given by a certified examiner, usually a physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor.

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