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The DD Form 1348-1A the most important document when interacting with DLA Disposition Services. It serves as the receipt for property turned in, and is an important record for auditability. Properly filled out documents will expedite your time with our site, but will also help ensure your turn-in is accepted.
A rough estimate is that 25 million people in Europe died from plague during the Black Death. The population of western Europe did not again reach its pre-1348 level until the beginning of the 16th century.
Most historians are willing to agree that the Black Death killed between 30-45% of the population between 1348-50.
Not long after it struck Messina, the Black Death spread to the port of Marseilles in France and the port of Tunis in North Africa. Then it reached Rome and Florence, two cities at the center of an elaborate web of trade routes. By the middle of 1348, the Black Death had struck Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and London.
Symptoms of the bubonic plague included painful and enlarged or swollen lymph nodes, headaches, chills, fatigue, vomiting, and fevers, and within 3\u20135 days, 80% of the victims would be dead. Historians estimate that it reduced the total world population from 475 million to between 350 and 375 million.
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April, 1348 The plague awakes an anti-Semitic rage around Europe, causing repeated massacres of Jewish communities, with the first one taking place in Provence, where 40 Jews were murdered.
The catastrophic plague known as the Black Death hit Europe in 1348 and swept through the continent rapidly. It would eventually kill between a third and half of the population.
In London alone there may have been 80\u2013100,000 around 1300. The population of Norwich in the early fourteenth century was higher than used to be thought, and it was growing: Rutledge proposes 17,000 for 1311 and 25,000 for 1333.
The Issue Release/Receipt Document, DD Form 1348-1A (or DD Form 1348-2 with attached shipping label), and continuation page are prepared by the supply/shipping activity. These documents are used for selecting, packing, shipping, and receiving materiel.
Spring \u2013 The Wars of the Roses begin in England. May 1 \u2013 Battle of Arkinholm: Forces loyal to King James II of Scotland defeat the supporters of the Earl of Douglas. May 22 \u2013 First Battle of St Albans: Richard, Duke of York, defeats and captures King Henry VI of England.

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