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okay so uh in this video were going to talk about the anesthetic record uh and so in the operating room youve probably seen this sheet with the red border on the side uh this is the front page of the sheet this is the pre-anesthesia evaluation uh so were going to do a little introduction to this sheet because this kind of forms the you know a summary of the core of what anesthesiology is about really so these forms get filled out for for everybody and on the back of the sheet theres an anesthesia record where you monitor things throughout the operation but this is the pre-anesthetic evaluation this gets filled out for everybody but as you may or may not have learned not everyone gets seen in the anesthesia consult Clinic uh which is on the first floor of the pison Pavilion those patients tend to be much more complicated they have anesthetic concerns that need to be addressed pre operatively by an anesthesiologist and assessed for these concerns and what the best way to proceed is u

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How Complete Is Your Anesthesia Record? Medical billing is all about appropriate documentation. Staffing Information and Start/Stop Times. Final Surgical Procedure(s) Performed. Final Diagnosis. Final Mode of Anesthesia. ASA Physical Status. Qualifying Circumstances Emergency and Deliberate Hypotension. Acute Pain Blocks.
Medical records should only be signed by the anesthesia practitioner who provided care on the case connected to that record.
It should contain all of the pertinent preoperative information, including the patients medical history, docHub laboratory values, time of last food or liquid intake, vital signs, and a record of a focused physical examination.
Propofol is an intravenous anesthetic used for procedural sedation, during monitored anesthesia care, or as an induction agent for general anesthesia.
The anesthetic record helps to document all the important perioperative data. Documented records can serve as legal documents during the legal liability of anesthesia professionals.
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Hundreds of thousands of anesthesia records are created each day. The earliest records were prepared by 2 medical students in late 19th-century Boston. Ernest Codman and Harvey Cushing went on to become prominent surgeons and contributed much to the safety of the surgical patient.
Sedation, together with analgesia, amnesia and muscle paralysis, is the end result of general anesthesia, which is an induced, reversible and controlled loss of consciousness. Sedation, on its own, is the depression of awareness, whereby a patient response to external stimuli becomes limited.
Procedural Sedation - Levels of Sedation Minimal Sedation. A drug-induced state during which patients respond normally to verbal commands, and respiratory and cardiovascular function is unaffected. Moderate Sedation/ Conscious Sedation. Deep Sedation. General Anesthesia.

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