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Copyright owners (often record labels) receive 50 percent of these royalties, while featured artists receive 45 percent, and non-featured musicians and non-featured vocalists receive 2.5 percent each.
The publisher and songwriter typically co-own the publishers share of publishing equally (i.e. 50/50). This really means that the publisher owns and retains 50 percent of half of the total revenue from songs created or assigned during the term of your agreement.
Generally, the composer and publisher split is 5050 (this proportion is represented in percentages as 50%/50% in most of the publishing world) and 100%/100%, specific to BMI, but it is the same proportion. In Hip Hop and RB, publishing is generally split between the music and the lyrics.
A split album (or split) is a music album that includes tracks by two or more separate artists. There are also singles and EPs of the same variety, which are often called split singles and split EPs respectively.
When registering a song with your PRO, you will notice that your Performance Royalty is actually split 50/50 into two sub-royalties: Songwriting and Publishing. Songwriter Royalties will always be paid out to the credited songwriters of the composition.
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Songwriter split sheets are an integral part of the music business. A split sheet is a written agreement that identifies each contributor to a song and establishes ownership percentages amongst them. The agreed percentages determine how much each contributor will receive from the royalties generated by their music.
Oftentimes many producers work on a single track. Typically, each producer would split up the total producer percentage (if theres any other than the up front fee). So if the producers backend is 20% for an indie release and there are 3 producers and they decide to split this equally, then each gets about 6.66%.
Producer Deals The most common deal struck between an artist and a producer gives a producer a flat fee for their work in addition to some royalties. For example, a $1000 fee to produce the song, plus 15%-25% (standard for indie producers) of the songs net royalties.
As explained by Tune Core, the split nods to how much copyright the individual deserves from that particular song. For example, if there are four songwriters working together and its divided that everyone has an equal percentage, the songwriting split will work out at 25% each.
A Royalty Split is a permanent record outlining who owns the songs original rights. In addition to the artist, typical members of the royalty split can be a label, a producer or a contributor of any sort. Users placed on your Royalty Split will be able to: View the songs live streaming performance metrics.

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