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Individuals must provide proof of ownership. New trailers must be registered using form VTR-141. Used trailers with a gross weight in excess of 4,000 pounds must have a certificate of title, and used trailers with a weight below or equal to 4,000 pounds must have a Bill of Sale plus the registration receipt.
Colorado Trailer/RV Bill of Sale The state of Colorado requires that owners register all trailers. You don't need a bill of sale to do this, but having the documentation can protect your rights.
Any trailer that weighs less than 2,000 pounds is not required to be titled; it is only registered. Trailers that weigh 2,000 pounds or more must be titled and registered, and additional documentation is required.
A vehicle bill of sale does not need to be notarized in Colorado. You can use the official state form, one of the several provided by select counties, or you may draft your own. However, any form you use must provide the following information: The names, contact information, and signatures and the buyer and seller.
You will need to pay the vehicle title fees, registration fees and any applicable sales tax. Proof of Insurance (If registering the vehicle at the same time), Secure and Verifiable Identification, The current title or other ownership documents properly endorsed by the previous owner, Odometer disclosure complete,
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Registration on a Used Trailer If you have purchased a used trailer, under 2,000lbs that is currently registered in Florida, you will need to provide: A bill of sale or the previous owner's registration. The bill of sale must list the Trailer Identification Number or the trailer's license plate number.
On used trailers, with a gross weight over 4,000 pounds, all that is needed is the title. For used trailers less than 4,000 pounds a bill of sale and a copy of the registration is required. Any trailers that exceed a gross weight of over 4,500 pounds are required to pass the State of Texas' annual safety inspection.
You will need to take the following to a county tax office in order to title/register the trailer: Evidence of ownership \u2013 Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, title, bill of sale, or out-of-state registration receipt. Completed Application for Texas Title and/or Registration (Form 130-U)
While a Bill of Sale is not required for selling a vehicle in the state of Colorado, it's a good idea to create one for both you and the buyer. Think of this as your receipt for the transaction.
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) makes getting a title optional for most trailers if they have a gross weight of 4,000 pounds or less. In that case, the transfer of ownership can usually occur with a simple bill of sale. However, trailers over 4,000 pounds must have a formal title on file with the DMV.

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