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The Philippine Native pig is either black or black with a white belly. Varieties include Ilocos and Jalajala. The Berkjala, Diani, Kaman, Koronadel and Libtong breeds were all developed from this breed.
#1 Pig For Meat: Yorkshire Yorkshires (like all pig breeds with names that end in \u201c-shire\u201d) have erect ears instead of ears that flop over. They are fast-growing and are considered medium-sized pigs that can reach 500 \u2013 750 pounds, depending on the variety you raise.
These are the Landrace, Large White, Pietrain, Duroc, Hampshire, and the Philippine native pig. The Landrace breed is white or pink in color and has small, droopy ears. It is also tall in stature but slender as compared to the other breeds.
The Yorkshire barrows, in years of National Barrow Show records, average more than 32 inches in the carcass contest, consistently longer than any other breed and even longer than crossbreds.
Napoleon is undoubtedly one of the most famous pigs to appear in modern literature, appearing as the main protagonist and the leader of the revolt in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

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At present, it has four recognized species that may have evolved with the environment of the Philippine archipelago- Philippine warty pigs, Visayan warty pigs, Mindoro warty pigs, and Palawan bearded pigs (Mason, 1996).
Sows grow to be about 57.8 cm high, 100 cm around the chest, and 61.6 kg in live-weight. They have a backfat thickness of 2.5 cm and a dressing percentage of 66.8%. Meishan pigs are perhaps one of the most prolific breeds of pig in the world.
Top Eight Major Swine Breeds Berkshire. The third-most recorded breed of swine in the United States, Berkshires are known for fast and efficient growth, reproductive efficiency, cleanness and meat flavor and value. ... Chester White. ... Duroc. ... Hampshire. ... Landrace. ... Poland China. ... Spotted. ... Yorkshire.
pig nameusecharacteristicsDuroc, or Duroc-Jerseylardmedium length; light gold-red to dark redHampshiremeatmedium weight; long body; black with white forelegs and shouldersLandracemeatmedium-sized; white, often with small black spotsSpottedmeatblack and white spotted (ideally 50/50)1 more row
knowledge of the breeds of hogs used in production. Knowing the different breeds and their characteristics is important in making decisions about which breed to use in breeding programs. Producers also need to consider whether to use hybrid hogs in their operation.

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