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To become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot, you'll need: to be a calm and mature person. good hand-eye co-ordination and strong spatial awareness. to be someone who can cope with pressure. good communication skills, if you're dealing with passengers a lot. an interest in aviation and some knowledge of the subject.
Helicopter Pilot License Requirements Fly a minimum of 40 hours. This must include: 20 hours of flight training with an instructor. 3 hours of cross country flight. 3 hours of night flying. 10 take-offs and landings. ... Pass a written test. Pass an oral test. Pass a final skills test with an FAA-approved examiner.
How long does it take to get a helicopter pilot license? This depends on how often the student trains per week. On average, if you are flying part time, 3-5 hours a week, it will take 6-8 months to complete your Private Pilot training.
On average, a helicopter private pilot certificate takes 2 \u2013 4 months full-time training. A commercial helicopter pilot certificate can then take another 2 \u2013 6 months. For most students, completing a full-flight training program of PPL, CPL, CFI & CFII takes 8 \u2013 12 months.
Restrictions and Requirements You'll need to: hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) be over 18 years of age. pass the Civil Aviation Authority medical before you can take a course - the medical includes tests on your fitness, hearing and vision.
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Learning to fly a helicopter is difficult, but becomes easier with practice. It requires hand and feet coordination, looking where to go, talking to air traffic control, and planning ahead. The average student takes between 50 \u2013 80 hours and costs between $15,000 \u2013 $25,000.
Hundreds of hours of training and thousands of pounds are required for a pilot to become employable, and even then jobs can be hard to come by. "You need 45 hours of training plus seven written exams and practical skills tests to get a private licence, then you have to build up more hours by self-flying," he says.
So here's our top 10 list of the necessary traits & skills for being a professional pilot. Clear Communication. ... Situational Awareness. ... Team-Working Skills. ... Decisiveness & Quick Thinking Skills. ... The Ability To Remain Calm. ... Mentality \u2014 Confidence, Attitude & Self-Discipline. ... Leadership.
Commercial license Be at least 18 years old. Hold a private pilot license. Hold FAA medical certificate. Complete ground instruction. Pass FAA written, oral and practical tests. Complete 20 hours of dual flight training. Complete one dual cross-country flight. Complete one solo cross-country flight.
Organised \u2013 Private charter helicopter pilots need to be punctual, organised and able to abide by the specific rules that govern helicopter flight, such as avoiding the flow of fixed-wing traffic. Communicative \u2013 Pilots must be able to communicate clearly and build up a rapport with clients.

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