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Size: 3.5'' x 3.5'' (88.9mm x 88.9mm)
Titled Trivial Pursuit & Friends is available for free on all the major app stores; iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The app is designed to allow solo-play or battles over the internet with the ability to Duel more than one friend at a time, having multiple games on the go for all your Trivial Pursuit needs.
There are 12 card packs in the game; each one a complete game. These general knowledge packs are comprised of 30 cards: a rules card, a scorecard, 4 cards that divide play into rounds and 24 question cards. The team that is farthest along the path after the last question in Round Four is played is the winner.
The only version of Trivial Pursuit that is available to play online on a PC without buying software at this point is the Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition from Zylom Games. This is a subscription-based service with thousands of games to choose from across all genres, with Trivial Pursuit being one of them.
0:14 1:39 How to Play Trivial Pursuit - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip The order of play by who gets the highest roll. Step to collect pie wedges in six categories byMoreThe order of play by who gets the highest roll. Step to collect pie wedges in six categories by aiming to land on each of the pie squares in turn and answering the corresponding.
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Gameloft and Hasbro (the publisher of Scrabble) developed a mobile version of the game, Trivial Pursuit & Friends, in 2015. It was available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However, it has since been removed from all mobile platforms. Trivial Pursuit Live! also offers a single-player mode and local multiplayer.
The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game has 6 question categories including geography, entertainment, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure.
SETUP | Take Player Starting Wedges Each player chooses a player wedge of one of the available colors. Everyone places their circle piece in the center of the game board to start. This is the last step of how to play Trivial Pursuit set up before getting into gameplay.
The game includes a board, playing pieces, question cards, a box, small plastic wedges to fit into the playing pieces, and a die. Playing pieces used in Trivial Pursuit are round and divided into six sections like wedges of pie.
This edition of the Trivial Pursuit game might remind players of the original version from the 1980s. Players move around the board answering questions from 6 categories including Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure.

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