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Click "Insert" followed by "Shapes," and click the oval icon. Click a location on the document, hold down your left mouse button and drag your mouse to draw a circle. Add additional circles around that circle as needed using these steps. This group of circles forms your first bubble map.
Definition. A bubble map uses circles of different size to represent a numeric value on a territory. It displays one bubble per geographic coordinate, or one bubble per region (in this case the bubble is usually displayed in the baricentre of the region).
Add Speech Bubbles Open Google Docs. Tap on \u201cInsert,\u201d choose \u201cDrawing,\u201d and select \u201cNew.\u201d Click on the \u201cShape\u201d icon and choose \u201cCallouts.\u201d Select the speech bubble and draw it. Double-tap on it to add any text. Finish by clicking on \u201cSave and Close.\u201d
0:35 4:36 How to Make a Bubble Map - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip Because understanding what adjectives are is key to properly using a bubble map. A bubble map looksMoreBecause understanding what adjectives are is key to properly using a bubble map. A bubble map looks like the one that's on the screen. You're always gonna have a bubble in the center.
How to Make a Bubble Map Place the noun you want to describe in a bubble in the center of the map. Create a list of adjectives that can define the noun. Place the adjectives in a circular pattern around the noun. Connect the adjectives and nouns with a line from one to the other.
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Circle Maps are used to define a thing or concept. It is used to brainstorm ideas and to enable prior knowledge about a topic to be identified. In the centre of the circle, place words, numbers, pictures, or other sign(s) or symbol(s) to represent the object, person, or idea you are trying to understand or define.
So, here are the steps of drawing a bubble map in Google Docs: Step 1: Open Google docs. Step 2: Add the Test Box. Step 3: Edit the Shape. Step 4: Choose the Background Color. Step 5: Connect Texts with the Line. Step 6: Save and Share. Step 1: Select Bubble Map Template. Step 2: Customize Your Bubble Map.
Like any other concept map, bubble concept maps can display the entity-idea relationships in an exact visual format. A bubble mind map is an intuitive tool for visualization as it imitates our natural thinking process.
To create a bubble chart, arrange your data in rows or columns on a worksheet so that x values are listed in the first row or column and corresponding y values and bubble size (z) values are listed in adjacent rows or columns. For example, organize your worksheet data as shown in the following picture.
The Bubble Map is used for describing using adjectives and adjective phrases. The center of the map has the main idea and the circles that branch out contain the adjectives (or Adjective phases that describe the main idea).

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