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8 Different Types of Acupuncture and How They Work Type #1: Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Type #2: Japanese Acupuncture. Type #3: Korean Hand Therapy. Type #4: Auricular Acupuncture. Type #5: Scalp Acupuncture. Type #6: Cupping Therapy. Type #7: Electroacupuncture. Type #8: Moxibustion Acupuncture.
Possible risks of acupuncture are the following: Bleeding, bruising, and soreness may occur at the insertion sites. Unsterilized needles may lead to infection. In rare cases, a needle may break and damage an internal organ.
Types and Styles of Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. The acupuncture practiced as a healing modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most common form used in the United States. Japanese Style Acupuncture. Korean Acupuncture. Auricular Acupuncture. Laser Acupuncture. Teishein. Acupressure.
Whats the difference between western and traditional Chinese acupuncture? Traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on the belief that it can restore the flow of Qi, an energy that flows through your body, while western medical acupuncture is evidence- based and is only administered after a full diagnosis.
Japanese acupuncture tends to use finer needles than Chinese acupuncture and the needling is more surface-level and not as deep. Chinese needles tend to be slightly thicker, and the needling is deeper and stronger.
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The World Health Organisation Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Acupuncture state that, It is difficult to stipulate absolute contraindications for this form of therapy. However, they suggest that for reasons of safety, it should be avoided in pregnancy, medical and surgical emergencies, malignant tumors and
The possible risks of acupuncture are: It is dangerous if a patient has a bleeding disorder or takes blood thinners. Bleeding, bruising, and soreness may occur at the insertion sites. Unsterilized needles may infect the patient. Dizziness. In extremely rare cases, a needle may break and damage an internal organ.
Traditional Needle Acupuncture This is certainly the most popular type of acupuncture. It focuses on restoring Qi (life force) flow along the bodys meridians to bring the body back into balance, regardless of the treated condition.
Research has shown that acupuncture may be helpful for several pain conditions, including back or neck pain, knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, and postoperative pain. It may also help relieve joint pain associated with the use of aromatase inhibitors, which are drugs used in people with breast cancer.
Despite its relative safety, acupuncture is not recommended for some people, including those with chronic infections and bleeding disorders. Talk with your doctor if youre interested in trying acupuncture to help you manage chronic pain or other conditions.

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