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Security Deposits must be Returned in 45 days The landlord is only able to deduct unpaid rent and damage beyond ordinary wear and tear from the deposit.
A tenant must repair or pay for the repair of any damage to the rental property that's not due to normal wear and tear. The damage could have been caused by the tenant, their guests or another person living in the rental unit.
In Washington, a landlord is not allowed to charge a cleaning fee unless it is specifically provided for in writing in the rental agreement. Even then, the landlord is not allowed to make charges that are due to wear and tear. The information for this answer was found on our Washington Security Deposit Law answers.
In Chicago, a landlord is only legally allowed to withhold from a security deposit the amount of unpaid rent or the actual cost of repairs to an apartment caused by a tenant.
There is no fixed timescale within which a landlord needs to inform you of any possible deductions. However, if 10 days after requesting a deposit return have passed, you can raise a dispute through a tenancy deposit scheme and ask for the landlord to state any deductions within this.
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With only a very few exceptions, the landlord may not charge any other fees to the tenant. This prohibition includes cleaning fees, for instance; the practice of charging tenants a cleaning fee is no longer permitted.
If you want to make a claim, you need to notify us of that claim within 28 days so that we can contact the tenant and get them to respond. If you try to claim outside of the 28 days we may not be able to help.
What Can a Landlord Deduct From a Security Deposit for Cleaning and Repairs? In most states and jurisdictions, security deposit laws allow a landlord to deduct from a security deposit for any damage or excessive dirtiness, but not for any expected, normal wear-and-tear.
How long does the landlord have to return my deposit? RCW 59.18. 280 states that the landlord has 21 days from the time the rental agreement ends and the tenant vacates the unit to postmark the return of the deposit or a written statement detailing why portions of the deposit were withheld.
Ontario Landlord Responsibilities for Repairs When the Tenant is At Fault. While landlords are responsible for general maintenance and repairs, damage caused by the tenant's negligence or malice is a different story. Tenants must cover the cost of remedying such damage or perform the repairs themselves.

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