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You can find your OID in your My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA) from the "My Organization Information" header. Your Org ID is listed under the details tab after you click on the organization. You can login into your MESA from
When you shop for a new appliance, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR products usually exceed minimum federal standards by a substantial amount. The ENERGY STAR logo is on all qualified products that meet specific standards for energy efficiency.
What's the difference between "ENERGY STAR certified" and "ENERGY STAR qualified?" Product manufacturers should be using the term "ENERGY STAR certified products" because ENERGY STAR products are independently certified to ensure they meet ENERGY STAR's requirements.
A score of 50 represents median energy performance, while a score of 75 or higher indicates your building is a top performer \u2014 and may be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.
When you're buying a new appliance for your home, look out for its energy label. The energy label tells you how much energy that appliance uses, comparing it to similar appliances. This can help you find appliances that use the least amount of energy. You should also consider the size of the appliance you need.
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The energy performance certificate is a convenient way for tenants, leaseholders and buyers to compare the energy requirements and consumption of buildings in Germany. It helps to estimate the potential costs for heating and hot water.
ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators offer high performance features such as high-efficiency compressors that create less heat and use less energy, improved insulation that helps food stay cold, and temperature and defrost mechanisms that help the refrigerator operate more efficiently.
When you see the ENERGY STAR logo qualified on a product, it means that the product meets specific standards for energy efficiency that often exceed the federal minimum standards. You should also check out the yellow EnergyGuide label on appliances.
Underwriters' Laboratories, or UL as it is universally known, tests and evaluates components and products that allows a certification mark to be placed by the manufacturer. Most common are the "UL Listed" and "UL Recognized" marks.
Specifically, to be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification, a building must earn an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher on EPA's 1 \u2013 100 scale, indicating that it performs better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide.

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