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Instead of leaving money or property to your pet directly, you could put money into a Trust to be used for the care of your pet. If you wish to do this, you will need to appoint a specific person (or more than one person) to look after the money in the Trust.
It's true: according to the American Pet Products Association, as of 2012, 9% of U.S. cat and dog guardians (up from 6% in 2010) had made arrangements in their wills to provide for their pets should anything happen to them. Unfortunately, however, stipulations made in a will may not be enough.
Pet trusts are established so that part of the estate can go towards the care of the person's pets after the death of that person and it will be enforceable in court. The grantor is the person whose will creates the trust. The trustee is the person who manages the assets in the trust, and the beneficiary is the pet.
Including a pet clause in your last will and testament To do this, list the recipient (for example, your sister) as a beneficiary in your will, and name the pet (for example, Buddy the dog) as what they'll receive. The person you entrust with your pet is called a pet guardian or caregiver.
Sadly, when a pet owner passes away decisions must be made for any pets left behind. In the best of situations, a pet will continue to live in the same home with surviving relatives. Little preparation is required in these cases and the pet will most likely be well cared for.
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Through inheritance Animals are not legal persons and cannot directly own property. Animals typically "inherit" money through a pet trust through which the money must be used for their care after the death of the owner. Gigoo was a Scots Dumpy when willed $15 million.
How To Get A Dog To Trust You Stay calm. It can be tempting to greet a dog with excited energy, but avoid the temptation. ... Respect their space. ... Get on their level. ... Let them come to you. ... Go for a walk.
Your life insurance beneficiary can be a family member, a business partner, a charitable organization, a legal entity like a trust, or your estate. You cannot name a pet as a life insurance beneficiary, and you should avoid naming a minor child, too.
Elephants. Trust often derives from faithfulness, and there is no animal that symbolizes fidelity like the elephant. Ancient rock carvings of elephants suggest that even early humans noticed the strength of the elephant's familial bonds and sought to emulate them.
Summary: This California statute provides that a person can create a trust for the care of a designated domestic or pet animal for the life of the animal. The duration will only be for the life of the pet, even if the trust instrument contemplates a longer duration.

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