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Lions are unique among cats in that they live in a group, or pride. The members of a pride typically spend the day in several scattered groups that may unite to hunt or share a meal. A pride consists of several generations of lionesses, some of which are related, a smaller number of breeding males, and their cubs.
Lions equipped to behave socially form groups to win and defend the best territories, expand them, and pass them on to female offspring.
What were the benefits for Lulu (#630) to raise the cubs there were not hers? There is an evolutionary advantage to raising the young together because this ensures that Lulu's genetic information will be passed along. Her cub is one of many cubs, so there is a safety in numbers.
Knowledge of past events in a population and genetic structure is very important to assess the risk of extinction and chances of regional persistence of lion populations in Nigeria and elsewhere. Conservation of the genetic diversity of a species is important for preserving endangered wildlife [26].
Yes, she was related to one cub. Cub #711 because we found that out in data set 5. Both 630 and 633 have the matching alleles. Based on your experience with this data from Africa, how is it advantageous for some species like lions to live in social group.

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Lionesses will take care of their cubs until they reach the age of two or three. Then, the mother goes through estrus, her heat cycle, and carries another litter. The pride forces out the male lion cubs and some of the female lion cubs as well.
Terms in this set (10) Yes, she was related to one cub.
Resting and Socializing Lions may rest about 20 hours a day. In late afternoon to early evening the lions rouse themselves and engage in social behavors. Pride members show affection by rubbing their heads on one another, licking each other's faces, grooming each other and purring.
By comparing the DNA of lions today to lions from 100 years ago, they found that there is clear genetic evidence of recent population fragmentation, which is when groups of a species are isolated from each other. This fragmentation could ultimately have a long-term impact on the genetic health of the iconic species.
Both males and females scent mark to define their territory. Living in a pride makes life easier. Hunting as a group means there is a better chance that the lions have food when they need it, and it is less likely that they will get injured while hunting.

lulu the lioness a heroines story