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Examples of alternative methods technology include key-controlled locks, control switches, interlocked guards, and remote devices and disconnects. It also can mean locking out only a section of a piece of equipment rather than the entire machine.
The two types of safety hasps are labeled lockout hasps, which feature write-on labels, and durable steel lockout hasps that are made of high-tensile steel.
Lockout Tagout Procedure in 8 Simple Steps Find the procedure to be used. ... Notify anyone affected by the lockout tagout. ... Locate all listed energy sources. ... Shut down the machine or equipment. ... Lockout and tag all energy isolating devices. ... Release any stored energy (steam, hydraulic, etc.).
It requires that hazardous energy sources be "isolated and rendered inoperative" before work is started on the equipment in question. The isolated power sources are then locked and a tag is placed on the lock identifying the worker and reason the LOTO is placed on it.
Once the equipment or machine has been isolated from its energy source, lockout/tagout is the next step. This step is the most important in the entire six-step process. The authorized or approved employee will attach the lockout, Tagout devices to an energy-isolating device.
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8 Steps of a lockout tagout procedure STEP 1: Notify affected employees. ... STEP 2: Identify procedure and hazards. ... STEP 3: Shut down. ... STEP 4: Isolate machine from energy source. ... STEP 5: Apply lockout tagout devices. ... STEP 6: Check stored energy. ... STEP 7: Verify isolation. ... STEP 8: Bring equipment back on line.
Lockout/Tagout is required when the unexpected energization or start up (or release of stored energy ) of machines, equipment or prime movers could injure workers during cleaning, repairing, servicing, setting-up, adjusting and un-jamming.
Shut Down \u2013 Power down the machine or equipment. Inform employees that will be affected by the shutdown of the equipment. Isolation \u2013 Make sure all sources of energy have been isolated. Turn off power, close valves, block moving parts, or disengage and block lines, etc.
6 Key Elements to a Successful Lockout Tagout Program Develop and Document a Lockout Tagout Program or Policy. ... Write Machine/Task Specific Lockout Tagout Procedures. ... Identify and Mark Energy Isolation Points. ... Lockout Tagout Training and Periodic Inspection/Audits. ... Provide Proper Lockout Tagout Devices. ... Sustainability.
LOTO Safety: 7 Steps of lockout tagout Prepare for shutdown. Notify all affected employees of the activities and equipment involved. Shut down the equipment. Isolate the equipment from the hazardous energy source. Dissipate residual energy. Apply applicable lockout or tagout devices.

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