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Thus, quite clearly, campaign funds may be used to pay the expenses of a trip the primary purpose of which is to attend a campaign or political event, or to engage in other campaign activity. The general prohibition on the use of campaign funds for personal travel is discussed in the next section of this chapter.
Major Donor Committee: Makes contributions of $10,000 or more per year to or at the request of California candidates or ballot measures. A business, individual, or multi-purpose organization (including a nonprofit organization) may qualify as a major donor committee.
Sources of campaign funding small individual contributors (defined by the government as being from individuals who contribute $200 or less), large individual contributors (individuals who contribute more than $200), political action committees, and. self-financing (the candidates own money).
Campaign funds may be used to pay the costs of travel to an activity that is related to the campaign or to the candidates duties as a federal officeholder.
PACs include separate segregated funds (SSFs), nonconnected committees and Super PACs.

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Contribution limits for 2021-2022 federal elections RecipientCandidate committeeDonorPAC: nonmulticandidate$2,900* per electionParty committee: state/district/local$5,000 per election (combined)Party committee: national$5,000 per election**3 more rows
Primary elections A publicly funded presidential primary candidate must agree to limit spending from the candidates personal funds to $50,000.
A contribution is anything of value given, loaned or advanced to influence a federal election.
A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making progress within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, by which representatives are chosen or referendums are decided.
Candidates Campaign Committee means every group of two or more persons who join together for the purpose of raising, collecting or expending money to be used in the aid of the election of a specific candidate for public office.

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