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No, North Carolina landlords dont have to provide air conditioning in their units.
According to AB-1482, the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, the maximum that landlords can raise rents in California is 5% per year, plus the percentage change in the cost of living according to the consumer price index, or 10% of the lowest rent increase at any time during the 12 months (whichever is less).
The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB 1482) restricts rent increases in any 12-month period to no more than 5% plus the percentage change in the cost of living (CPI), or 10%, whichever is lower. For increases that take effect on or after Aug. 1, 2022, due to inflation, all the applicable CPIs are 5% or greater.
Documents you need to give your tenants An Energy Performance Certificate. Deposit protection information. A current gas safety certificate. A copy of the property licence. How to Rent Guide (External PDF)
No retaliation evictions North Carolina law protects tenants from retaliatory evictions. Landlords cannot evict as retribution for calling code enforcement, asking for repairs or organizing with other tenants.
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Notice of entry laws are absent from North Carolina law, and as a result, the landlord is not required to provide notice of entry and therefore may enter the premises for the following reasons: Non-emergency maintenance and repairs.
Landlords cannot force tenants out of their homes without going to court, for instance, by changing the locks, turning off utilities or removing the doors. Landlords may send tenants eviction notices warning tenants that they plan to file for eviction unless the tenant moves out first.
Want to be a landlord? These are your top 5 responsibilities Managing tenants. The relationship you have with a tenant may last for years so its important to manage that relationship professionally and cordially. Warranty of habitability. Property maintenance. Abiding by housing laws. Evictions.
However, tenants can sue in small claims court, asking a judge to order repairs, to reduce rent while repairs are being made, and for a retroactive rent abatement for the time during which repairs were not made.
Additionally (and subject to the rent cap), rent may only be raised twice over any 12 month period. With inflation (and thus regional CPI) skyrocketing, as of August 2st, 2022, literally the entire state meets the 10% of lowest rent threshold rather than the CPI-based threshold.

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