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A general warranty deed is the most common type of warranty deed in the United States. It offers the highest level of protection to the buyer because it guarantees that there are absolutely no problems with the home even dating back to prior property owners.
A special warranty deed is a deed to real estate where the seller of the propertyknown as the grantorwarrants only against anything that occurred during their physical ownership. In other words, the grantor doesnt guarantee against any defects in clear title that existed before they took possession of the property.
A fiduciary transfer is a transfer of ownership accompanied by an obligation that limits the rights of the transferee with respect to the transferred proper- ty in such a way that the latter is obliged to use the ownership for a specific purpose and then to (re)transfer it to the original owner or a beneficiary.
Which of the following is TRUE regarding a special warranty deed? -The grantors warranties are limited to the time the grantor owned the property.
The General Warranty Deed A general warranty deed provides the highest level of protection for the buyer because it includes docHub covenants or warranties conveyed by the grantor to the grantee.

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Fiduciary deeds are just one of several types of deeds used in property transfers. This type is used to transfer property such as real estate when the owner cant sign a deed for legal or other reasons. Fiduciary deeds are commonly employed when settling estates and the original owner of the property is deceased.
A special warranty deed, also known as a limited warranty deed, is used when the seller of a property (grantor) only guarantees that the property incurred no outstanding claims or liens during their physical ownership.
General warranty deeds give the grantee the most protection, special warranty deeds give the grantee more limited protection, and a quitclaim deed gives the grantee the least protection under the law.
Fiduciary Deed: A special type of deed used by fiduciaries such as executors, guardians and trustees. It is typically akin to a special warranty deed, but usually only to the extent of the fiduciarys knowledge. The exact language used in the deed will control the level of warranty being granted.
The Texas special warranty deed form provides a limited warranty of title. With a special warranty deed, the person transferring the property guarantees that he or she has done nothing that would cause title problems, but makes no guarantees about what might have happened before he or she acquired the property.

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