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At any time during the tenancy, the tenant may terminate the tenancy by giving the landlord notice in writing not less than 30 days prior to the date designated in the notice for the termination of the tenancy.
If a landlord has met all the conditions of the lease, the tenant cannot simply terminate the lease agreement. They will have to discuss the matter with the landlord and agree on a solution, such as another tenant taking over the current lease agreement or subletting the property for the remainder of the lease period.
How can I end a lease? If you have a 30-day lease, you can end it by giving the landlord 30 days notice that you are going to move. You should put the notice in writing. Date it and sign it. Be sure to keep a copy of the notice.
In North Carolina, the rental laws specify that if breaking the lease is justified, you only need to provide your landlord with a notice of your intent. Although when not justified, you may be liable for paying all the rent due for the remaining lease term.
With that said, the lease does not terminate immediately. Once the notice is delivered, the earliest the lease can terminate is 30 days after the beginning of the next rent period.

People also ask

How to break a lease without a penalty in Oregon For a fixed end date yearly lease, you must provide at least 60 days written notice. For a month-to-month lease, you must provide at least 30 days written notice (or 60 days notice if youve lived there for more than one year)
A lease termination clause usually allows a tenant to break a lease early in exchange for a penalty fee. The penalty fee is oftentimes the equivalent to one months rent or two months rent. The landlord may also require that tenants exercising this clause provide them with sufficient notice.
If the original lease agreement does not include either a cancellation clause or a renewal clause, the tenant must give the landlord one months written notice before its expiration.
A. Your landlord may charge a fee if you abandon your home during a fixed-term lease without cause. The fee may not exceed one and one-half times the monthly rent.
Under Kentuckys Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law, month-to-month leases must be terminated with a 30-day written notice of termination. For a week-to-week lease, the written notice must be given 7 days before the intended termination date.

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