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For an effective brief in support of most motions, the Statement of Facts should cite support sentencebysentence. Including specific support for the facts has an added benefit. By focusing support factbyfact, a conscientious brief writer is better able to describe the facts with precise accuracy.
You must include a summary of the legal basis for your opposition, explain the reason you are opposing the motion, and state what you would like the judge to order.
A motion must include (1) a statement of the name and designation of the person filing the motion, (2) a statement of the relief sought, (3) reference to or copies of parts of the record relevant to the motion, and (4) a statement of the grounds for the relief sought, with supporting argument.
When drafting an answer, one must: (1) follow the local, state, and federal court rules; (2) research the legal claims in the adversarys complaint; (3) respond to the adversarys factual allegations; and (4) assert affirmative defenses, counterclaims, cross-claims, or third-party claims, if applicable.
A motion is a written request made to the court, asking the judge to issue an order. The motion must be supported by evidence.
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Legal Writing Tip: Start Your Brief with a Solid Introduction Begin with a paragraph or two explaining who the parties are; when, where, and how the dispute arose; what the question is (what the fight is over); and why your side is right. List three or four reasons why you should win.
Letter to Judge Format Your Information (first thing that goes on the inside of the letter) Name. The Date. The Judges Information. Honorable Judge First Name Last Name. What the Letter Is Going to Address. Follow this format Re: Sentencing of [First Name Last Name of Defendant], Case No. [ Salutation. Body. Signature.
Motion Memorandum Outline Example Introduction/Issue. Facts. Rule (e.g. standard for summary judgment) Analysis/Argument. Issue #1 Heading. Issue #1 (summary statement or paragraph) Rule (law that applies to your issue) Conclusion of Memo (summarize why the court should grant your motion)
General format - each motion generally consists of a case caption, a title that briefly identifies the relief sought, a series of numbered paragraphs that explains -- in a logical way -- why you are entitled to that relief, a prayer for relief, a signature block, a certification that a copy of the motion was sent to
A Response will address the Motion and provide the partys position on the points raised in the Motion. This can include a rebuttal to issues of fact or law raised in the Motion. A Reply will address the points raised in the Response and provide the partys position on the points raised in the Response.

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