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When you buy or sell a horse, get written confirmation that the horse has been sold and that the title has transferred.
A good sale horse description covers all the basic information. This means giving a physical description and not forgetting any legalities that need to be known and price.Give the Essential Details Gender. Age. Color. Breed. Height. Trained discipline. Offering Price. Your Contact numbers.
Horse Bill of Sale Requirements Buyer: the person buying the horse or becoming the new owner. Description of Horse: the horses date of birth, coat color (bay/chestnut/gray), sex, breed, registration number, markings or tattoos. Sire: details about the horses father, including his registration number.
It means that the seller warrants neither the condition of the horse nor the horses fitness for any particular purpose. The buyer essentially waives any claims it may have against the seller, if the horse has medical conditions, temperament issues, or any other problems.
A right of first refusal is a right that is granted under a contract that requires that the one who has bought or received a horse, under certain terms and conditions, give the seller an opportunity to own the horse again if or when the buyer wants to part with the horse.
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How to Write a Horse Sale Contract Identify the parties. Thats the buyer(s) and seller(s), including addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security or Federal tax-identification numbers. Identify the horse. Date of sale. Price and terms of sale. Risk of loss. Warranties. Prepurchase exam. Insurance.
Ownership of a horse may be established in a Bill of Sale, a written agreement between the seller and buyer (or agents such as trainers or bloodstock agents) or by contract construction. Many states now require the use of a written Bill of Sale in connection with most horse sales.
Anytime you plan on selling, buying, or transferring ownership of a horse from one person to another, you will need a Horse Bill of Sale. This sales document is important in detailing everything related to the purchase and transfer. This is a legally binding document.
One feature of many equine transactions is that the seller often conditions the sale of a horse on the buyers promise to notify the seller when the buyer wishes to sell the horses and give the original seller a chance to repurchase the horse. This is known as the Right of First Refusal (RFR).
Legal obligations for anyone who is selling a horse You must have the legal right to sell the horse or have the authority from the legal owner to sell the horse. Ensure that any description you give of the horse both in writing and verbally to any potential purchaser is accurate.

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