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To finalize the estate and to be discharged from his/her responsibilities, the Executor must obtain a Court Order of Discharge. To accomplish this, the Executor or Administrator must file an Order to Show Cause and Verified Complaint with an attached formal accounting.
Renouncing an estate is relatively simple. Your notary will ask you for the copies of the will searches and the death certificate and will then have you sign an estate renunciation deed. If one or several heirs or successors remain identifiable, the estate will belong to them de facto.
Answer: Just because you are nominated as executor of a Will does not mean that you must serve. You can renounce your rights as executor and decline to act by simply signing and having docHubd a Renunciation of Nominated Executor form and filing it with the Surrogates Court in the county in which your aunt resided.
Only in very exceptional circumstances will the courts permit an executor to retract the renunciation of a previously granted executorship, and to permit such a retraction a positive benefit must be shown.
Renunciation of inheritance means that an heir renounces his/her right to inherit any of legacy when the heir does not want to inherit the legacy of the ancestor (a deceased person).

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A Deed of Renunciation is a legal document that you sign when you dont want to or are unable to act as the Administrator of an Estate. If youve been named as an Executor in a Will and you dont think you can do whats required, you may need a Deed of Renunciation to remove you from your duties.
Generally, they are 9 months from the date of death for a Federal Estate Tax Return and 8 months for a NJ Inheritance Tax Return. When all obligations of the estate are satisfied, the executor should disburse the remaining estate assets to beneficiaries.
Executor Renunciation If intermeddling has not taken place, a person appointed as a personal representative in a will can renounce by submitting Form NC 12 to the court. The renunciation form must be signed by the person before a witness and included with the application for a Grant of Probate.
In a nutshell, it means youre refusing any assets that you stand to inherit under the terms of someones will, a trust or, in the case of a person who dies intestate, the inheritance laws of your state.
In the law of inheritance, wills and trusts, a disclaimer of interest (also called a renunciation) is an attempt by a person to renounce their legal right to benefit from an inheritance (either under a will or through intestacy) or through a trust.

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