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Order of Protection. An Order of Protection is governed by A.R.S. 13-3602 and may be granted at the request of a person to prevent another person from engaging in certain activity; it is limited to parties with specified relationships between them.
A protective order is a civil injunction used to protect you from someone who has abused, stalked, or harassed you. You obtain a protective order by filing a petition in civil court where you live or where the offender lives. This civil matter is entirely separate from any related criminal case that may be going on.
If an individual fails to comply with restraining orders included in a restraining order or order of protection after having been served with that restraining order, he or she may be held in contempt of court or be arrested and charged with the misdemeanor crime of interference with judicial proceedings.
If a Family Court order of protection is violated, the respondent can be arrested by the police and charged with Criminal Contempt as either a misdemeanor or felony. A conviction can lead to jail or even time in a New York State prison. Make no mistake.
The most common charge for restraining order violations in Indiana is invasion of privacy. In many cases, an accusation of invasion of privacy is an exaggeration of the events that transpired, or simply a miscommunication.

People also ask

An Order of Protection issued in Family Court will not show up on a criminal background check, since cases in Family Court are not criminal cases. However, an Order of Protection issued in connection with a criminal case is a public record, and can be discovered in a criminal background check.
There is no fee to file a restraining order in a court in the state of Arizona. If you choose to hire a private process server, expect to pay between $45 and $100.
A protection order aims at preventing the reoccurrence of domestic violence or sexual harassment by stating what conduct the alleged offender must refrain from doing. As long as he/she complies with the protection order, the complainant will be safe.
And while being the subject of an Indiana protective order is not a criminal offense, it may be used as a reflection of your character in deep background checks. Deep background checks may be used in many situations, revealing a protective order entered against you.
An order of protection in Scottsdale will show up on a criminal background check, so anyone doing such a check will know that there is a protective order against you.

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