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Where a child lives is a guardianship decision which both parents need to make together. If you are the parent wishing to relocate and you do not receive permission from the other parent to do so you will need to make an application to the Family Court to obtain permission to take the children.
Can I leave Florida with my child? Generally, if there has been a prior custody case filed in court, you will need either the other parents permission or court approval before moving more than 50 miles away. The requirement is based on Florida Statute 61.13001.
The parent who is not moving will have to give the other parent permission to move with the child. If you do not want your spouse to move out of state with your child and you share custody, deny permission. Your ex-spouse will then have to go to a judge to request permission.
However, fathers can file paternity cases at any time, and once the case has been filed, in most Florida counties, the mother is prohibited from removing the child from the state once she has been served, without an order from the court or the written permission from the father.
Can a Parent With Joint Custody Move Away? Family courts cannot stop parents from moving away on their own, even if they share joint custody. That means you can move away as far as youd like.

People also ask

How Far Away Can a Custodial Parent Move? Legally, there is no limitation on how far away the custodial parent can move from the other one. If matters get contested, the mediator and/or the court will have the final say on how far the other parent can move.
If there is no divorce or custody case pending it is not illegal to move with your children. However, for the 6 months following your departure Colorado will still maintain jurisdiction over your children for parental responsibility (child custody) purposes.
You are allowed to relocate with your child(ren), but you must consider all of the legal issues surrounding your plans. Any move that creates a geographic distance between the child and non-custodial parent requires either consent from the non-custodial parent or permission from the court.
In Colorado, a parent with primary custody of minor children has the right to move out of state with them, without the other parents consent. This does not constitute parental kidnapping. However, the non-custodial parent has the right to petition the court to prohibit the removal of children from the state.
The short answer is yes, but you must have court permission in order to do so. Florida has child custody laws for moving out of state. That court permission is not always easy to obtain. Lets talk about what is necessary to get a court order that allows you to move out of state with your child.

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