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In criminal law, to detain an individual is to hold them in custody, normally for a temporary period of time.
Yet detention is not an effective discipline tool for some students, and in fact it might increase the recurrence of negative behavior. Detention and other punitive measures, like suspensions and expulsions, can contribute to other issues, such as recidivism among students, despite harsher or longer punishments.
Detention is when someone is arrested or put into prison, especially for political reasons. the detention without trial of government critics. They have been held in detention since the end of June. The government says the detentions are necessary on national security grounds.
If a student is told to leave detention for not obeying the rules of the Detention Center, it will be recorded as a skip. Skipping detention will result in one additional day of detention. The second time a student skips detention will result in one day of in-school suspension.
Detention is the process whereby a state or private citizen lawfully holds a person by removing their freedom or liberty at that time. This can be due to (pending) criminal charges preferred against the individual pursuant to a prosecution or to protect a person or property.
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/dɪˈtentʃən/ the act or condition of being officially forced to stay in a place: [ U ] He claimed that his detention by the authorities was unlawful. Detention is also a punishment in which a student must remain in school for a short time after classes have ended for the day.
A detention order is a type of court order that can be made at a bail hearing. If the judge or justice of the peace makes a detention order, you will remain in custody until your case is finished, or you are released on a bail review.
Reasons for detentions (starting with the most logical and useful) can include: Failure to complete homework or classwork. Poor attendance. Persistent lateness/lack of punctuality. Disruption to class activities through poor behaviour. Receiving a certain, set number of warnings or demerits
The purpose of assigning detention is to punish misbehavior. Therefore, the goal of deten- tion is to reduce future occurrences of the behavior being punished.
Federal law says that state and local law enforcement authorities may only hold persons on immigration detainers for 48 hours after the completion of their jail time. This means that once you have completed your jail time, the immigration officials must take you into custody within two days.

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