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They are also responsible for ensuring fire drills are carried out and checks made in accordance with these procedures. All inspections, checks, defects and repairs must be recorded in the Fire Safety Log, and checked/signed by the Home's Manager and others, as set out in Section 7, Routine Inspections and Checks.
Keep fire test and servicing records for three years as they can be used as evidence to show that fire systems were properly maintained.
A\u2013 Alert the building, activate a pull station to activate alarms C\u2013 Call for help, call 911 from a SAFE location T\u2013 Take action, use an extinguisher if you can do so safely S\u2013 Show/tell, let the Fire Department know where exactly the location of the fire.
Not only do they ensure that all staff, customers and visitors to your premises understand what they need to do if there is a fire, but they also help you to test how effective your fire evacuation plan is and to improve certain aspects of your fire provisions.
To establish a fire drill procedure, consider following these steps. Communicate With the Local Fire Chief or Fire Marshal. ... Create an In-House Safety Committee. ... Communicate Evacuation Routes. ... Change Up Fire Drill Scenarios. ... Conduct Fire Drills Regularly. ... Go Deeper. ... Discover the all new RUN Powered by ADP®

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These reports must include the following: Time and date the drill was conducted. Weather conditions at the time of evacuation. Number of occupants evacuated. Total time of evacuation and. Other information relevant to the drill.
Fire drills and training You should carry out at least one fire drill per year and record the results. You must keep the results as part of your fire safety and evacuation plan.
A record of the fire drill should include information, such as: The name/role of the person responsible for the fire drill. The call point activated to start the alarm. Date and time carried out. The length of time it took for everyone to evacuate the premises.
The type of occupancy within the building and its fire hazards. The safety features provided in the building. The degree of participation of occupants other than supervisory staff. The features of the fire emergency systems installed in the building.
Six Steps to Develop an Effective Fire Evacuation Plan Establish Roles and Responsibilities. Organization is the key to a calm and collected evacuation. ... Create a Communication Plan. ... Plan the Evacuation Map. ... Know and Inspect Your Fire Suppression and Prevention Tools. ... Practice Your Evacuation Plan. ... Review, Adjust, and Report.

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