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Parents, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews of the intestate person may inherit under the rules of intestacy. This will depend on a number of circumstances: whether there is a surviving married or civil partner. whether there are children, grandchildren or great grandchildren.
Next of kin heirs at law in Arizona are generally the following people, in the following order: Surviving spouse. Descendants. Parents.
next of kin Add to list Share. Your closest relatives are your next of kin. You might describe your parents as your next of kin. You can use the phrase next of kin to describe your family members, especially those who are closely related to you, like your children, spouse, siblings, or parents.
Next of kin heirs at law in Arizona are generally the following people, in the following order: Surviving spouse. Descendants. Parents.
Affidavit of Kinship is a duly notarized written sworn statement of facts voluntary made by the person stating that he/she is the nearest surviving kin of the document owner.

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The Affidavit of Surviving Spouse must be done in the County where the decedent resided at time of death. Bring an original or certified copy to the Surrogate at time of application. List all the assets in the decedent's name alone in order to determine the number of true copies of the affidavits that will be required.
Next of kin is defined as a person's closest living relatives through blood or legal relationships. The specifics of determining next of kin, and inheritance, vary by jurisdiction. A legal will covering inheritable property usually takes precedence over the inheritance rights of someone's next of kin.
The general hierarchy to determine your next of kin is as follows: Spouse or de facto partner; Eldest adult child; Parents; Siblings (over the age of 18); The executor of your Will; A personal representative of the deceased; An individual identified by the coroner.
Who is Your Next of Kin if You Are Single? If you are single your Next of Kin would be any direct offspring you have. If you do not have any children, your Next of Kin would be determined by your state's succession laws. Typically that would include parents, siblings, and nieces, or nephews.
Proving who is next of kin requires proof of identity such as a birth certificate or government-issued photo identification. An affidavit of someone who can swear to your blood relationship with the decedent may also be required.

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