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The garnishment law allows up to 50% of a worker's disposable earnings to be garnished for these purposes if the worker is supporting another spouse or child, or up to 60% if the worker is not. An additional 5% may be garnished for support payments more than l2 weeks in arrears.
6 Options If Your Wages Are Being Garnished Try To Work Something Out With The Creditor. ... File a Claim of Exemption. ... Challenge the Garnishment. ... Consolidate or Refinance Your Debt. ... Work with a Credit Counselor to Get on a Payment Plan. ... File Bankruptcy.
Federal Wage Garnishments Child Support. Child support is the first priority for wage garnishments. ... Federal Student Loans. If an individual defaults on a federal student loan, the government has the right to garnish up to 15 percent of the student's wages. ... State Income Taxes. ... Credit Cards and all Other Debt.
Unfortunately a garnishee order can only be stopped by bringing an application to court to have the order stopped, or, if the judgment creditor informs the employer or garnishee that he no longer needs to deduct money from your salary.
A garnishment order instructs a third-party who owes money to the defendant to pay some or all of that money to the plaintiff instead of the the defendant. This third party is called a "garnishee." Most garnishments affect defendants' wages.

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The Colorado Wage Garnishment Process The creditor brings a lawsuit. Consumer creditors must sue you before they can get a garnishment order. ... You have 21 days to answer the lawsuit unless you're sued in small claims court. You need to file your answer with the court within 21 days.
The creditor will continue to garnish your wages until the debt is paid off, or you take some measure to stop the garnishment, such as claiming an exemption with the court. Your state's exemption laws determine the amount of income you'll be able to retain.
You can also stop most garnishments by filing for bankruptcy. Your state's exemption laws determine the amount of income you'll be able to keep. (If you're unable to pay your bills, learn which debts get wiped out in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.)
In Wisconsin, a judgment becomes a lien for 10 years on all real property. In this case, the judgment-debtor owns or acquires a lien in the county or counties where the judgment is docketed.
Call the attorney or judgment creditor listed on the garnishee order and request all the documents on which the garnishee order is based. Should you find any irregularities in these documents you can use them to approach court to have the garnishee order stopped.

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