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In Michigan, anyone with a misdemeanor or felony conviction can petition for a pardon. The governor makes the final call on whether you receive a pardon. But the Parole Board has an important role in recommending to the governor whose pardon applications to grant (even if you were never on parole for your crime).
Clemency -- formally called \u201cexecutive clemency\u201d -- is a full and absolute pardon for your crimes by the governor of your state. It is forgiveness by the governor for a crime you committed. This is one option if you don't qualify to have your record sealed, but it is rare and difficult to get.
Step 1 of 15 The Governor of the State of Louisiana may pardon only Louisiana convictions. The Governor cannot pardon a federal criminal offense or an offense from another state. ... Eligibility Requirements: You have been convicted of a violation of Louisiana law, either a felony or misdemeanor. ... Completing the Application.
The president's pardon power is limited to federal offenses; the Constitution only grants the president the power to pardon "[o]ffenses against the United States." An offense that violates state law, but not federal law, is an offense against that state rather than an offense against the United States.
A pardon is the use of executive power that exempts the individual to whom it was given from punishment. The president's pardon power is based on Article II of the Constitution which says, \u201c\u2026he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

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Executive Clemency Information: The four types of Executive clemency are: (1) Restoration of Citizenship (Right to Vote and Hold Public Office), (2) Special Restoration of Citizenship (Firearm Rights), (3) Pardon, and (4) Commutation of Life Sentence.
The California Constitution gives the Governor the power to grant clemency in criminal cases in the form of reprieves, commutations, and pardons.
Clemency is a mechanism for granting a person convicted of a criminal offense relief from a court-ordered sentence or punitive measure. There are two main methods through which clemency can be given\u2014pardon or commutation of sentence.
The final decision on whether to issue a pardon rests with the President. To request a pardon, an individual seeking a pardon submits a formal application to the Office of the Pardon Attorney.
\u201cExecutive Clemency\u201d refers to Reprieve, Absolute Pardon, Conditional Pardon with or without Parole Conditions and Commutation of Sentence as may be granted by the President of the Philippines; n.

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