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hi Im Ashley from divorce lawyers for men today Im going to walk you through some of the documents youll need to fill out in a divorce or custody case in Washington State lets get started so the first document I have pulled up here is called the summons it basically provides notice to the other party that I case has been started and that they have been named in that case so just like all the other pleadings youll see at the top basic information about the case or the heading of the document youll fill this out the same for each of the documents you will file in your case so if you are the petitioner of course your name goes here your spouses name at the bottom if youre filing the case initially you wont have a case number so this can be left blank until the clerks office assigns you one and county where your filing goes up at the top depending on which kind of case you are filing whether this is divorce or legal separation will determine the box that you check here in section

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In Washington, a defendant must respond to a complaint within 20 days after being served with the summons and complaint (Wash.
You must serve these in one of two ways: 1. Have them hand-delivered to the office listed here for your county. 2. Mail that office a copy by certified mail, return receipt requested. \u2756 You do not need a special order to serve the State by certified mail.
While process servers may not legally enter a building, they may leave a summons taped outside of your door, as long as it does not display the contents.
Complaint/Petition Usually the first document filed in a lawsuit is the Complaint (or Petition), which provides an outline of the plaintiff's case against the defendant.
Summons and Complaint \u2013 Two separate documents that go together to start a civil lawsuit. 8. Summons and Petition \u2013 Two separate documents that go together to start family law cases.

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(1) The summons must be signed and dated by the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney, and directed to the defendant requiring the defendant to defend the action and to serve a copy of the defendant's appearance or defense on the person whose name is signed on the summons.
In Washington, you must always try to have the other party personally served. If you absolutely cannot have them served this way, you can ask court permission to serve them by mail or publication.
The following process explains the steps of a civil lawsuit. Step 1: Consult With Representatives. If you are considering going to court, talk to your potential representatives before filing a lawsuit. ... Step 2: File Complaint / Pleading. ... Step 3: Discovery. ... Step 4: Trial. ... Step 5: Verdict. ... Step 6: Appeal.
20 days If you were served in person in Washington state. 60 days If you were served in person outside of Washington state or by publication. 90 days If you were served by mail.
If you do not serve your written response within 20 days (or 60 days if you are served outside of the State of Washington) after the date this summons was served on you, exclusive of the day of service, the court may enter an order of default against you, and after service and filing, the court may, without further ...

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