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(5) Temporary guardianships. (a) Duration and extent of authority. The court may appoint a temporary guardian for a child for a period not to exceed 180 days, except that the court may extend this period for good cause shown for one additional 180-day period.
Any person may petition the court for the appointment of a guardian. The petition is filed in the child's county of residence or the county in which the child is physically present, or if the child is a nonresident, the county in which the petitioner proposes the child reside.
Conservatorship is a Court proceeding initiated by someone who wishes to have the Court appoint someone who will assist with their finances. This is usually a friend or relative of the person. The appointed person (Conservator) must complete annual accounting and file them with the Court.
Transcript or Transcript Copy Requests: If you are at the courthouse, you can request a copy at $1.25 a page from the Clerk of Circuit Court office and you will immediately receive it. You can contact the official court reporter and request a copy at $0.50 a page.
A person may view an entire case file, including all nonconfidential documents, in person at the office of the clerk of court for the county where the case was heard. If the case file is stored electronically, the contents of the file may be viewed at a public access terminal located within the clerk of courts' office.

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There are two kinds: of the person and of the estate. There is a statutory fee of $4.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. In addition, if there is a guardian of the estate, there is a statutory filing fee of $20.00 for assets totaling $50,000 or less.
The court can grant the TRO ex parte, meaning the decision is made without the respondent knowing that the petition is filed and without the respondent being at the courthouse. If the petition is granted, the court will set a date for the injunction hearing and notify the petitioner of this date.
A conservatorship is necessary for those individuals who have neither a power of attorney or healthcare directive, and have lost the ability to make informed decisions and/or care for themselves. A conservatorship may also be necessary for other reasons, such as an invalid or fraudulent power of attorney document.
Guardianships for Adults To become guardian of an adult, the proposed guardian must file a guardianship petition in the county court with jurisdiction over the proposed ward's residence. The proposed guardian must prove that the adult is incapacitated.
The person who wants to be the new guardian would file a Petition for Appointment of Successor/Co-Guardian. The guardian can voluntarily resign if they no longer want to be the guardian. The court will have to choose a replacement guardian, and may appoint the public guardian if no one else is willing to be appointed.

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