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The audit reconsideration process: how to request IRS audit reconsideration Review audit report and gather documents. The IRS sends you an original audit report that details how it has made the assessments. ... Submit your documents to the IRS. ... Attach IRS form 12661. ... Attach audit reconsideration form 4549.
Form 4549, Income Tax Examination Changes, which explains the proposed changes to your tax return, and Form 886-A, Explanation of Items, which describes the specific changes and reasons for them. If you understand and agree with the proposed changes, sign and date the Form 4549.
Steps in response to Form 4549. Your options are: 1) to pay the bill, 2) to gather more evidence or law to support your case & Respond with Form 12661, 3) appeal to the agent's manager, 4) Appeal within the IRS, or 5) wait for a Notice of Deficiency and petition in Tax Court.
6 Ways to Reduce Your Chance of an IRS Audit! Beware of your deductions. The IRS computer system may flag your tax return if your \u201cdeduction to income\u201d ratio is unusually high. ... Claim proper exemptions. ... Ensure all of your tax filings reconcile. ... File on time. ... Document. ... Stay in compliance.
There are three types of IRS audits: mail, office and field audits. 1. Mail audits. Mail audits are fairly routine. ... Office and field audits. On the other hand, office and field audits are much more serious. ... CP2000 notice (underreporter inquiry) ... How common is being audited? ... Take action!

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Send your request for audit reconsideration to the office that last corresponded with you A copy of your audit report (IRS Form 4549, Income Tax Examination Changes), if available. Copies of the new documentation that supports your position. Don't send original documents. Send copies.
An accepted audit reconsideration ordinarily takes about three months to assign to an IRS auditor. Thorough evidence and documentation can lower duration time. If the dispute is only for accuracy penalties, the process can take up to 3 years.
Generally, if you fail an audit, you get hit with a bigger tax bill. The IRS finds that you didn't pay the correct amount of taxes so it utilizes the audit to recover them. In addition to penalties, you're required to pay the additional taxes as well as the interest on those taxes.
Key Takeaways. Overvaluing home office expenses and donated goods are red flags to auditors. Simple math mistakes and failing to sign your tax return can also trigger audits. The odds of an audit increase with six-figure incomes, but under-reporting your earnings is ill-advised.
Your letter needs to include the reasons you're asking for an audit reconsideration and an overview of the new information that makes the audit results inaccurate. Audit reconsiderations are complex, so it's a good idea to seek out the advice of an experienced tax attorney before sending your documentation to the IRS.

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