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According to Section 204 of the Copyright Act, there are two way to sell or transfer your copyright rights to a piece of artwork. The first is to transfer by operation of law as work for hire\u2014either as an employee or in writing with a client. The second is to transfer the copyright in writing.
Are copyrights transferable? Yes. Like any other property, all or part of the rights in a work may be transferred by the owner to another. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section "Transfer of Copyright," for a discussion of ownership.
Each copyright co-owner had independent rights to use and license the work, subject only to a duty to account to the other co-owners for any profits that are made. A co-owner can only convey as much as he possesses and cannot, therefore, transfer or assign the rights of other co-owners.
Anyone found to have infringed a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000 for each work infringed and, if willful infringement is proven by the copyright owner, that amount may be increased up to $150,000 for each work infringed.
Like any other property you own, what normally happens is that ownership of your copyrights is transferred to the heirs of your estate. This will depend on local state law, but typically this will mean your spouse and/or children, or other family members if you are unmarried and do not have children.
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People also ask

A copyright owner's exclusive rights (either in whole or in part) can be transferred to another party, but it must be in writing and signed by the copyright owner to be considered valid. An authorized agent of the copyright owner (such as an attorney or business associate) can also sign the writing.
In order to transfer existing ownership of the logo design, to your client, you simply sign a written statement/contract, that states you are transferring all ownership and copyright to the named party, in this case your client.
When an artist sells physical artwork, the copyrights in the artwork do not transfer to the purchaser. The copyright owner must enter into a written agreement, specifying the rights being transferred, in order to sell a copyright.
No, the rights given by copyright are the author's immediately upon fixing the work in a tangible medium of expression. These rights may be transferred through a written instrument and the Copyright Office will record such an instrument before or after the work has been registered with the Copyright Office.
Copyright law assigns ownership of a piece of work to the person who actually created the work. That means it automatically belongs to the designer. Any change to that ownership depends on the terms set out in your contract.

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